Monday, March 2, 2015

The Secret to Living Your Dream Life Is....

Well... it's not a secret at all... living a dream life is simply a goal that you set and relentlessly go after no matter how nuts or impossible it seems to you or anyone else. It is setting your standards high enough that the climb excites you so much that when you are hit with obstacles, setbacks, sacrifices and emotional exhaustion trying to get there, that you get back up without question and keep going. It is planning things out so methodically that there is little wonder of IF it will happen but rather of WHEN it will happen. It is being willing to do whatever it takes for however long to live what you dream... THAT is no secret, simply a critical decision in life that we all have, but so few choose.

Why do you dream but let them go? 
Why do you try but never finish? 
Why do you doubt but never believe?
Why do you give up but never hope? 

The reason is that we live in a world of disbelief instead create belief... we allow what everyone else thinks of our ideas, of our dreams, hopes and desires take over and we stop believing it can happen. One of my favorite shows when I was a kid was Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, I LOVED watching that show every day when it came on. My favorite part of the show was when he would change his shoes and go venture into the Land of Make Believe. I think something pivotal happened to me in the many years of watching that show... I think something in my brain clicked and set me on a path of entrepreneurship. Life in the Land of Make Believe was so much fun and exciting... he was always meeting and chatting with interesting people and learning so many things, I remember thinking to myself one day, why does that have to be make believe? Why can't that fun place be the real deal? From that moment on, I was on a mission. It was no longer make believe, in my mind it became create the belief and dream it is possible and this set me on my path to creating my dream life.

I started and have never looked back. I began working and have worked non stop towards that goal since I was 13. If you have read my book, you know that I have certainly had my share of hiccups but my dream has never left my head; my ultimate goal has never changed... and after many. many years of learning, growing, researching, planning and being COMPLETELY consumed in all that I do... I finally see it all coming together like an amazing puzzle. 

The past four weeks have been emotionally exhausting. I have things going on in my personal life right now that could easily hold me down and stop me in my tracks, but I have continued to push through and with that I found clarity and the energy to keep going. It is really happening... I am at that point where I can see the light shining ... I can see my hard work, dedication and planning finally coming together beautifully and it is making me run harder... I won't stop until I am there no matter how long it takes. Once I arrive I will be able to look back and say that every tear, every scar, every pain, hurt and moment of anger was worth it. I will be able to say... I DID IT! I NEVER GAVE UP AND I DID IT! I AM HERE! What better feeling is there to have than that?

What does your dream life look like? Have you written it down? Have you thought it out? Have you shared with someone what it is? Why don't you get out of that land of make believe and create your reality... it can happen... it will happen... or you could just be better off and simply happier in life because you died trying. We all have a purpose, God gave us talents to use in order to serve that purpose. It is OUR DUTY to ourselves and to others to FIND IT AND LIVE IT.

To all of those that have been outside looking in on my life that have thought that I was nuts for spreading myself so thin doing all that I do, you may have not understood my choices or what my reasoning and methodical purpose was.... but in the next several months you will discover how EVERYTHING will tie in together allowing me to achieve my ultimate goal and help everyone who wants to do the same achieve their BEST LIFE too!

Happy Monday and keep it going!

Until next time...







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