Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Excerpt from 'I Need the Happy Ending" by Shelley Giard

Since my brain is a bit fried and tired and delirious tonight I decided to cheat and post an excerpt from my upcoming book. It's not peek your eyes over the person in front of you kind of cheating... and not cliff notes or plagiarism because I did actually write what I am posting, just not today. I hope you enjoy it!
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From Chapter 1:

I used to wonder why there were people who gain everything so easily while others consistently fail, time and time again. Why some turn everything into success; while others spend their entire lives struggling. It is one of those things that can keep you lying awake at night; it is a thought that has kept me restless many nights over the past several years of my own life. I have witnessed some of the most sincere, hardest working people take hits that were almost unbearable. I have heard people cry out, why me? What is it that I did to deserve this?  I have been that person many times, and am actually feeling a bit of that right now … at this very moment. It is what made me sit down after all of these years and put my life onto paper. (Well technically, a computer screen). My theory is this… you can’t be great without first failing, and you may very well fail numerous times before you learn enough from your mistakes to be led in the direction you are meant to travel. You cannot truly be fulfilled unless you have been where you have to be in order to appreciate the better side of things. For those who seem to dodge the bullet and are drowning in money from all of their success? Well, I have met many financially rich people who are lonely, bored and extremely unfulfilled. When the journey is tough, tears at your heart and dances on your soul, only then can you revel in the good that happens with perseverance. Without a fight, many events would never mean a thing.