Friday, February 10, 2012

When It's Enough to make You Cry... LAUGH

This week I suppose I was being tested, or maybe it was just the full moon... or some kind of karma that came back from years ago, (although I thought I had broken even at this point in my life) but either way it was a tough one on the nerves and I am glad it is coming to an end. I rarely wish a week will end simply because I do what I can to appreciate and cherish every day, but when it's one of those weeks that you just want to throw your hands up and cry... it's hard not to wish it away. Today is Friday... it's almost over, so I woke up with a good mindset and found a way to laugh at this weeks series of events.  Sometimes you just have to laugh and say WOW! that was quite a ride. The up-side is that it's just a day, and you will wake up tomorrow to a new one that could be better... and if it's not then there is the next day... and the next.... you get my point. You just have to keep going and know that at some point something will happen to make it all go away and for me, today... that was a funny good morning text message from my significant other and when my son randomly said "hey mom, I love you so much" this morning. These are the moments that I hang on to and know that the good can outweigh the bad if you just allow it to. This week has been a doozie, but you know what? It will be okay! And today has been better already.

I suppose some of you may be wondering what has happened this week and since I am a "put it out there" kind of person, here's the recap of my week in case you are interested.

Monday: My accountant called to let me know that my tax return had been rejected because my ex felt he was entitled to claim the kids (who live with me) on his taxes... hmmm yeah I won't discuss this one any further.

Tuesday: Woke up feeling refreshed "emptied that mental suitcase" so that I could have an awesome day and overall it was pretty good. Then I found out how much I will have to pay to the IRS if this kid claiming issue does not get fixed by my attorney.

Wednesday: Woke up feeling very tired as if I had no sleep, could not get myself motivated for anything and even took a nap. (very unusual) I am assuming stress from Monday and Tuesdays news.

Thursday: Woke up once again with a positive attitude. I had a few errands to run before going to work at my studio and as I was running around I got pulled over by a cop with a chip on his shoulder who proceeded to write me a ticket for going UNDER the speed limit... (guess he was having a bad day too) I then got stuck at the DMV for two hours trying to renew my tag, waiting on a clearance letter to be faxed  to prove I paid a 50cent toll in Orlando two years ago. (it was great people watching though so a very entertaining 2 hours) Finally left the DMV and was on my way to pick up my daughter from school before heading to my studio. I stopped to get a drink at  the gas station because I was thirsty, got back in my car only to discover that my gear shift (I drive a stick-shift because they are fun to drive) was flopping around like a rag doll... not working FABULOUS! I called my Mom... (wonder-mom to the rescue) and called a mechanic to come get the car.

As I sat on the curb drinking my soda and eating my pita chips as I waited for my mom to pick me up, I started laughing... I had already nearly cried and I just had to make something good of it. I thought at any moment a camera man would jump out of the bushes and say "GOTCHA" but that never happened. It was for real.


I am thankful that these kind of weeks have not been a part of my life for quite some time... it used to be my norm and it certainly helps me appreciate the good year I have had. Maybe it was God's way of reminding me that life is better for me now than it once was. And something I always try to keep in mind at times like this is that somewhere someone is going through much worse than just a bad day.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Friday and if you had a bad week 
I hope you can find something to turn it around.
XOXO ~Shells~

I think I may frame this