Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Hearts and Chocolate...BLEGH!

I am not typical... if you read my blog you already know this. I don't know if I am the weird one or if the rest of you are, but I like to think for your sake that it's me. Valentine's Day is no exception to my somewhat odd, non-traditional, peculiar way of thinking. Maybe it's because I am NOT AT ALL cliché, I am more the sentimental type and since Valentines Day has become so cheesy because of all of it's commercialism for profits in other peoples pockets; I do things a bit differently. Yes... I have kids and I still give them a valentine gift of some sort. I mailed my daughter who is in college a "gift box" of goodies and I am baking brownies for the 4th grade classroom because I am the kind of Mom who wants my kids to know that what's important to them is important to me, but I don't make a big deal of it because I don't want them making a big deal of it. After all, the last thing I want for my children is for them to grow up thinking that they are not "special" on February 14th because they don't have a "Valentine" to spend it with. I am sure they will be alone on several. I remember all the years of being single and feeling inadequate when I sat home on Valentine's Day with no "special someone" to share it with... it was depressing. Meanwhile, I had so much love around me (family, friends and my kids) that I did not even notice because I was too busy feeling inadequate and lonely on this silly holiday. It wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties that I stopped and said "WAIT! I AM SPECIAL, EVEN IF HALLMARK SAYS I AM NOT" And guess what? So are YOU!

The day for "love" to show your "love" for the one you "love".  I am sorry, but if getting chocolates, a card that was picked from what was left on the shelves on Valentines Day at Walgreens or even worse, Walmart, and roses that will die in a few days make you feel special; then I am truly happy for you (I just choked on that sentence) Random acts of love, a sweet text or email message, a public display of affection via Facebook for the whole world to see or a gift when I least expect it.... THAT makes me feel special! No Whitman's Sampler, or even Godiva for that matter will ever hold a candle to a sweet sentiment from the heart when there is no obvious "reason". (but if I had to pick Godiva over Whitman's please) 

The only exception to this rule for me was my "first" Valentine's Day with Corey. That is an occasion I rose to last year and it took me 3 and a half hours to make his card.... a lot of thought was put into it and it is something that he will likely keep forever because it made him feel "special", and he is. 

On the eve of this silly little holiday I hope that you recognize ALL of the love around you whether it be from a friend, a family member, your children or even a "special someone" and instead of taking this one day a year to show how much you love them with chocolate, tell them and show them EVERYDAY you have them around because they won't always be around. And to all you single people, send me your address and I will bake you some brownies!! haha!

XOXO To all my "lovers" out there!  I love YOU TOO! 
 See... I did bake brownies for the 4th grade class... ugh I want to EAT THEM!