Monday, February 20, 2012

When Things Don't Go Your Way...

Be grateful. It is one of the hardest yet most sensible things to do when things don't turn out as planned. All my life... (or shall I rephrase and say all my life that I was in charge of making my own decisions) I had many "oops" moments, moments of what the #*&*? and moments of beating myself up wondering where I went wrong. And well, in a way I now realize I actually went right. What I mean by this is that without wrongs, rights would have no meaning. Mistakes shape the world... and everything about it. Mistakes make us think... and the more you make the better you are later on. People like me who learn EVERYTHING the hard way become great problem solvers,  golden negotiators, (certainly someone you would want defending you if you needed to be proven innocent when guilty), well-rounded, understanding, and can find laughter almost every time things don't go as planned... (even when you would rather cry, scream and kick your feet on the floor.. or maybe you should do this first then laugh) my point is you are better off learning the hard way sometimes, so be grateful for the opportunity to learn. And please.... LEARN!

My life certainly did not go as planned... I had "planned" not to have kids until I was in my thirties if at all... (umm yeah, I had four by the time I was 36, first one at age 18) That plan did not only derail... it went flying through the air with wings and a rocket flare on it's buttocks. I had "planned" to go to Europe after I graduated high school in hopes of gaining an apprentice job for someone like Jose Eber and soak up his knowledge like a sponge... (instead I was stuck in South Carolina for 7 more years). There are many more "plans" that were completely shattered by what was really supposed to happen and just these two examples alone gave me 4 children (none of which were planned) that I adore and would not know how to live without , and despite the fact that I have yet to have my "hair tour de France" I managed to still be trained by Europeans because I "problem solved" my way into it.

I am grateful, I truly am... trials and tribulations I can't say enough lead to wealth and happiness... I am not talking about monetary wealth either; I am talking about wealth that no money can buy, the kind of wealth from within that you know will always be there. No bank can repossess, foreclose or kick you out of loving yourself with all your dents, cracks and rough edges.

Be grateful and be awesome!

And to finish this off... another excerpt from my upcoming book.

Taken from Chapter 16... ©2012shelleygiard "I need the Happy Ending"

"I have learned that people who say that their life had no real struggle are either lying, or simply unfortunate. My life has been full of mistakes and poor judgment calls. There are things I am not proud of, and things that although had purpose in my life I wish had never happened. However, all of these things wrapped up in a big box tell my story which I AM proud of.  Kind of like an old piece of furniture, I have been banged up, my paint has chipped, my legs have been unstable at times and I am not perfect in the eyes of everyone, but all of those things have built character and one day someone will look at me and say WOW now that is a rare piece! I look forward to that day… because I know it will come, and I have learned that I should wait for it. Hasty decisions may have been stepping stones for me in the past, some proved good some not so much… however­ I am ready to see where decisions with lots of care and planning may lead me. I feel as though my journey is just beginning, the tales that I have now will not compare to the ones to come. I am being reborn, completely full of life and feel free for the first time in many years. I wake up smiling and go to bed content; it’s just a good feeling. Miraculous things are stirring and I feel it in every bone of my body." ©2011shelleygiard "I Need the Happy Ending"

"We find beauty in all things that are tattered and worn; every dent, scratch and chip create character; a person should be no different" ShelleyGiard ©2011

The beauty of this picture would be lost with veneers, botox and a good shave...

 I took a picture of these two doors while I was in New Orleans this past Christmas. Although tattered weathered and worn... there is beauty and most definitely character.

Found this picture and just LOVED it...

Moral of this story?
Learn to find the beauty in everyone and everything... your life will be better and so will theirs.