Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Best Way to Grow is Slow and Steady....

Have you ever seen a house being built ? It's an amazing process... the mere thought that goes into the plans, the design, the flow and the efficiency is so cool. My dad is a builder, a very good one might I add... so I have seen my share of homes being built in my lifetime and even wore a hard hat and banged a few nails (and fingers) as a little girl growing up. My dad takes pride in his workmanship, he thinks of every element, because when built with good materials, amazing craftsmanship and thought in planning it all out... he knows that it will still look as beautiful 50 years from now;  he is a custom builder who loves his work and it shows. And his hobby is building furniture.. that's a blog all of it's own.

Now... take a look at your typical neighborhood house these days... you know the neighborhoods where a house goes from foundation to turn key in 2 months? Do you think that house is built well? What do you think that house will look like in 50 years? (I am scared to even think of that).  These builders are all about profit... they are all about the "right now" because we live in a "right now" society. The average American wants immediate satisfaction.. they want it now. They don't want to wait 45 minutes for a well cooked meal, they would rather have a mediocre meal that they can scarf down in 20 minutes or less because time is of the essence. People want to get rich now... they may be jobless but they are buying lottery tickets hoping to win that power ball so all their worries can be over right now. We have television on demand... we can fast forward through commercials, pull up a movie anytime on Apple TV or Netflix; we can buy body parts, take diet pills, get fat sucking injections and lap bands to give us RIGHT now results. Call me a bit old fashioned (I know I am) but I still appreciate good craftsmanship, pride in one's work, a good thought out plan, a good commercial, healthy weight loss, and the hard earned dollar. I have never bought a lottery ticket, but I patiently waited in line for a water at the gas station today while three people in front of me were doing just that; it must be a big win night. There are so many things that I find to be lost in many peoples minds these days because of the "I want it now" syndrome. I could go on and on here but you get my point.

Something I also appreciate is the fact that success in reaching goals takes time. You may have to fall, get back up and try again many, many times before you reaching your goal. Many people give up... DON'T be that person;  because if you do, it will NEVER happen. Reaching goals is like growing a garden. You must prepare the soil, select and plant the seeds, water them, nurture them, they need fertilizer, sunshine, rain for months and months before you even see a sprout. Then a storm hits and takes out the crops, and they start over and do it again.  Farmer's are some of the most hard working patient people on the planet, but after all that hard work, one day they wake up and have a garden that is flourishing and feeds their family for the rest of the year. Goals are often the same. 

If your crops have been wiped out or if you are in the early stages of growth... be patient, success does not happen overnight. In order to sustain you must grow slow and steady. Take time to plan, and always have more than one plan. Use good materials, take pride in your work and cultivate your seeds. One day your garden will grow in abundance and with the pride you take in building it... it will still be around in fifty years!

Have a great night/day my Kool-Aid Drinkers ;) 

               "Appreciate the journey, it makes for a much better story." ShelleyGiard©2012


Neither one of these could happen overnight!