Friday, February 17, 2012


The climb.... it's what makes the difference. If you could get to the top of that mountain without it; would it be so spectacular and special? NO! I know all about "the climb". My hands are scarred, my nails were torn and my muscles have been weakened, but my determination is stronger and that is what matters most. As I lay a wonderful weekend to rest and approach another Monday, I look forward to the week ahead. I don't mind being redundant when I say things such as this; Looking forward to tomorrow is the best thing you can do because once today is over it should be chalked up for what it was... good or bad... it is what it is.
You can reflect and learn or mope and dwell, but you cannot change it so waste no time on mulling over what "could have been"... just get up tomorrow and try again. Mindset... Mindset... Mindset.
The End

To finish this post, I will give you another teaser... an excerpt from my book which will be out later this year. "like" me on Facebook here...

Here is an excerpt taken from Chapter 12 ...Enjoy!

"I made it through high school in one piece physically although I must say emotionally I was struggling with a damaged self-esteem. It was the drive and determination to prove everyone wrong that ultimately changed that. I was voted by my twelfth grade English teacher as “Most likely to do Barbara Bush’s hair”, he believed in me and told me this after my presentation in his classroom when the classmates doubted me. There are so many others like me out there; people who had to put up with similar things as I had in school. I knew a few, and at times I wonder how they turned out. I have never understood the satisfaction people get out of being hurtful and making fun of another person for no apparent reason. You just never know the circumstances of their life, what may have caused what you are observing or what makes a person the way they are. To this day, I still don’t know the true reason why people did what they did to me; people I know now say jealousy, I say that’s crazy! Regardless, I survived it by turning it all into an energy that kept me going. It is the same energy that drives me to go to work every day to make people feel good when they look in the mirror, to boost their self esteem and make them believe in themselves a little more than they did before they came in.  It drives a passion which I know one day will lead me all the way to my dreams.  I think about the ones who simply cannot move past the experiences and the emotions that come with it all. It is those people who I truly have empathy for. These are the people that I want to read this book with hopes that it helps them realize that you can overcome anything if you just put your mind to it. Adversity is a good thing; it is the very thing that forms the strength and courage we need to push forward.
Life does not always happen the way that you plan it; things happen to make you stumble, alter your direction, and sometimes even stop you dead in your tracks. What you do when this happens is profound, and the mindset you hold is crucial to the outcome. It is sad to say that for most, moments like these squash their will to survive. "