Thursday, February 23, 2012

Give a Little Bit...Give a Little Bit of Yourself to Me....

Such a good song. I love music of the 70's, everything was about love, peace and giving of yourself. Yes... many people gave of themselves a little TOO freely but hey I am sure they had the best intentions right? Tonight, I  could not think of what to write about because of my tired brain (thanks to two days of mental drain) But since I did not blog last night I felt the need to write about something. (I am hoping this can be inspiring in some way.)  SOOO... here it goes... GIVING that is tonight's topic.

I have a giving heart... always have and I am sure as I get old and senile it will get worse or possibly take a nosedive in the other direction. (hoping I am not one of THOSE) Either way it has been misinterpreted before and I am sure it won't be the last time. I am seriously the type of person that will give you my last morsel of chocolate if I feel you need (or want) it more than me ... (that's a big deal by the way) and that does not mean you have to give me your last morsel when I need (or want) it. I give unconditionally... don't need anything in return, don't have expectations of what you might give back... I just do it because it feels good. This can be hard, but it is really the only way that your gift of giving is sincere.

Giving comes in many packages... you can give gifts, donations, advice, a smile,  a pat on the back, a homemade meal in a time of need, or an ear for someone's need to vent. It does not have to take much time or even a lot of effort... small gestures truly can mean the world. I know because I have given and have received small gestures that meant a lot, and it's cool in both regards!

In a "struggling economy" people tend to stop giving feeling that 1.) there are people out there to use the economy as an excuse to use people... and 2.) Everyone is trying to hang onto their own for the fear of losing what they have. (both valid points) We have all seen the many many people standing on the side of the road (usually at intersections of the malls) begging for work, food, money to feed their family or pay their rent; I must say it's hard to not turn your head and pretend you don't see them. (we have all done it) but what I have been doing most recently is making eye contact with these people... staring right into their eyes and seeing what that makes them do. You can see "hope" in someone's eyes.. and you can also see shame. Next time you see one of these people and you are feeling guilty for not rolling down your window and tossing them a few bucks just in case their situation is for real... make eye contact, if they look away or seem uncomfortable you know to keep it sealed but if they engage and you see "hope" then maybe you should open that clear barrier and give. Despite their story, if your intentions are good and thoughtful the reward will be yours in the end... ten fold.

xoxo ~Shells~