Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fairy Tales and Forests... That's How I Roll

I never stop... I was SO close to shutting this addictive contraption down after uploading behind the scenes photos from today's shoot with Kelby Training to all of those addictive social media sites I belong to and said to myself... blog tomorrow Shelley, it's pushing midnight and you REALLY need sleep. Then the devilish nut-bag on the other shoulder said no... you must blog, today was awesome and you must tell... you must "crack on". So... here I am literally falling asleep as I type hoping that I don't sound like a blubbering idiot.

Today was a great day at "work". A Forest, a Frog, Prince Charming, Princess in a corset , Big bad Wolf, and Red Riding Hood and her prince, just a typical day at work ;) What? Well, what does your day usually consist of? HAHA! Life is good when you love what you do... no doubt, I may be a tired girl as the sheep stand with their arms crossed saying, "seriously?" Yes, I suppose I am really rubbing in how much I love what I do... but it's truly not to brag (okay maybe a little) but it is also to INSPIRE you to find your passion, I will keep saying it over and over until you go out and do it! BE ALL YOU CAN BE! Ya know? It's priceless! And you know what is really cool? When you find a passion, you will become good at it and the money although sometimes delayed will come and then you will wish you had done it YEARS ago... but the greatest thing is? It's NEVER too late! SO DO IT! Love you all now this chic must go to bed before I am a danger to society when driving to "work" again tomorrow. 

XOXO ~Shells~