Monday, February 27, 2012

I Am Not Normal....

It's been two days since my last blog post and I must admit, I missed posting as much as you missed reading. I had a few comments come my way about my lack of posting and I must say it is nice to be missed. I love that people read my blog as they sip their morning coffee; that in itself is quite a compliment...and somewhat of a dream fulfilled for me. My goal is to post everyday... and without unusual circumstances that goal will be met. However, this weekend I had to take a break to pack. Getting ready to move into a new house is no easy task with my crazy schedule and packing, although it is a love-hate relationship, is a must. It's not every day that I have a quiet house with no interruption, (that's an understatement for sure) so I had to take full advantage of my down-time. But alas, I am back and ready for a great week, how about you?

Topic for the evening? "I am not normal"... What IS normal anyway? I have felt for years that I was picked from a tree that only blooms every 100 years or so. I live in a different mindset, drink from a different cup and chew gum at a different rhythm than most people... I get that, but does that mean I cannot rub off on a few people along life's broad yet narrow way if I speak up and say what I feel? Sure it doesn't. Just because someone was not born with the thought process of a weirdo like me does not keep them from being transformed a bit if I just share with them how they can think differently too. I believe that and I will never stop trying, because true belief does crazy things to you. I figure the more people I can get to drink the Kool-Aid, the better my surroundings will become. Just like the old adage, "you are what you eat"... you are what you think and share as well. Think negative thoughts? Welcome to misery... think about positive things even when you are drowning in the negative pool? The water becomes shallow and eventually your feet can touch. Simple as that.

Excuses are not productive; so...if you want something GO GET IT! If you want to get rid of something, GET RID OF IT! If you don't like hearing this STOP READING! If you need motivation, KEEP READING. If you know someone who needs a swift kick of reality, SHARE THIS BLOG!

Being busy, it's really hard to find the time to do everything I want to do in a day. I wish that cloning had caught on; not only would I be a bazillionare by now, but my clones and I would be SO productive. I would create a clone for each of my weaknesses so that fear and anxiety would never hold me back. I would also create a clone for each of the things I procrastinate doing such as putting laundry away and mailing things. I know my weaknesses, and I know my fears, I am in touch with them. (and I hate them all!) Most of us know our shortcomings if we are HONEST with ourselves. ( by the way...lying to yourself is the most destructive behavior of all.) What I do is read and learn about how to overcome them... I like to think of myself as a permanent construction project; (kind of like Florida roadways...ahem! oops did I just type that out loud?)
I choose to hang with the people I want to be like... read books that help me turn my weaknesses into strengths... listen to success stories and copy what they do. It won't happen over night... it CAN however happen in a lifetime and THAT is my "not so normal" plan. I hope you join in... although bumpy and scary at times... it's one hell of a ride to miss out on!

"An excuse is your fear in disguise." ShelleyGiard©2012