Sunday, February 5, 2012

Even When you Don't Have a Cheerleader...

Have you ever felt that things are surrounding you; giving you that feeling of being suffocated and think that if you would just give in, the fight would end and you could have peace? If you are breathing as you read this then I think you would have to answer yes. This happens in sports, friendships, jobs, school and marriages. When things get hard... when they make you uncomfortable the first thought is quit... bail to avoid the emotions... the drama. Not reacting this way can be a blessing and a curse... I know because I am one of those who keeps trying even when everyone and everything around me says to bail, when everyone doubts it... I keep going. The blessing is that you live a much more interesting life, you can say "been there done that got back up and dusted off"... the curse is that at times you are so stuck on wanting to prove you won't fail, that you stay in something longer than you should, or end up repeating situations as you have in the past. Learning how to keep going takes time, and can easily become a passion at some point; but learning why you should keep going is priceless. Learning that lesson is worth every disappointment, hurt feeling, sad moment and any grief that was caused. I have begun to learn this lesson for the first time... I have always had my heart set on never giving up but until now I had not truly experienced why it mattered.

Great people do extraordinary things in the most questionable times, so I encourage you to be the one who is being questioned... be the one who continues playing even when you don't have a cheerleader. One day you will smile and know that the reward was greater than being defeated.
"Never be the one to say what if" SGiard2009