Thursday, February 16, 2012

When I Grow Up and Retire.....

I am a busy girl... that is no secret to anyone who knows me and for those of you who don't, or are just getting to know me through these blog posts, trust me on this one; at times I think I am an addict of some sort (a good kind of course). Single mom of 4, ages 2,3,10 & 19, owner/operator of a small private hair and makeup studio, CEO of SG Freelance, (hair makeup and wardrobe styling services) District Manager with Arbonne International.. and oh yeah, writer.) I do sleep, in the nooks and crannies and somehow manage to be happy during all of this (despite the occasional meltdown, typically due to lack of rest.) I worry myself and wonder what in the WORLD I am going to do when (and if) I ever retire; i say if because I always said iI would work till I die because I love what I do, and I am so afraid of being bored. I am a bit of an "over-achiever" as it is called, although I do not think you can ever achieve too much. I want to do it all; use every God-given talent, do everything I love to do, if for no other reason than to not waste a thing. I actually get anxiety at the thought of retirement... (good thing I have many more years to go or else I may need medication to sedate me long enough to relax.) In  the same breath I look forward to reaping the rewards of many years of hard work and picture myself relaxing without a care in the world, traveling, doing crazy adventurous stuff that I must mark off my "gallon drum list" (the bucket was already overflowing) and my hopes are that I actually do just that. 

For the past 5 years I have lived in an area 45 minutes north of Tampa where there are a lot of retiree's; many of them from New York, New Jersey, and New England. (my how I feel right at home, and the pizza up here is awesome!) They are people who worked hard, saved money for retirement and are enjoying life with every breath they take. These are not retiree's who are scrounging to make ends meet... they made good choices, drive nice cars and are reaping the rewards of being old and is exactly how I hope to be. It's is sort of inspiring to see these women and men enjoying life as they should... they paid their dues and now walk around with happy faces. They laugh, ride motorcycles, are free and even though they can be frustrating to drive behind... they make me smile, and I want to be just like them one day. 

As I walk around (and drive) taking pictures of things that I may use for a blog post, I kind of feel like a nosy weirdo paparazzi wanna-be with a camera phone... but this week I managed to get these two shots of the way retirement looks in my town. I will soon be moving but am glad that I can still see these people when I visit my mom and service my clients up here, because I think seeing the zest they have for life makes my life better by giving me something to reach for as I grow old. (not to say in any way shape or form that I am even close to being old!)

Moral of this story?
Work hard, and have fun but save enough to live when it will count the most.

XOXO ~Shells~