Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Died For Me... An Easter Message

Today, as I sit at my computer screen just before going to church, I thought about the true meaning of today. I wasn't thinking about the eater bunny, colored eggs or a basket filled with goodies. I tried to imagine what it would be like to sacrifice one of my 4 beautiful children, how it would feel and the pain I would endure allowing one of them to die for the sake of another person; to wonder if I could do this. I cannot wrap my brain around the thought of it, even knowing that I would have 3 left, I just don't think I could do it.

I cannot imagine giving up MY child to save another person because my instinct as a mother; and I have said it a million times... would be to do ANYTHING to save my child. Although it is what comes natural and what is expected, I realize how selfish it actually is. When I thought about this, it really put into perspective how great my God really is. How selfless and wonderful and loving He truly is. I have never really put myself in his place... to try and imagine what it would be like to do what he did for us, but now that I have it has changed me even more. It has brought me closer to something that I once could not feel, picture, or even believe in.

On this Easter Sunday... even if you do not recognize it for the same reasons that I do... try to imagine for a moment... allowing your ONLY child, or your ONLY animal if you don't have a child to DIE in order to save someone else. Would you, could YOU DO IT?

Have a Wonderful Day

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 
John 3:16

Friday, March 29, 2013

Gays & Lesbians... Aren't They People Too?

I am proud of myself, I have refrained all week from speaking up during the controversy surrounding the battle for the rights for same sex marriage. I held my tongue because I was afraid of the judgement I would receive from the people I have who follow me that are "faithful"; my "Christian" friends who seem to feel so strongly that this whole thing is unconstitutional. I wanted so badly to post my opinion, my very passionate position on this but was unsure how to get all that I had to say across in just one post or Facebok status update. I refrained all week, but that changed just a few hours ago after watching a video that was posted by one of my straight friends. It was so compelling and literally hit on EVERY single point I feel myself, so I decided to break out of my public silence on this and just let it go.

I am in the beauty industry, and have been for the past 22 years. Because of that, I have been BLESSED, yes, I said BLESSED being surrounded by many people who are either are gay or lesbian. They have inspired me with their strength to fight, they have made me laugh with their wit and ability to find humor in almost anything, and they have made me cry with their stories of ridicule and torment by society. The greatest thing that most of them have taught me though is that TRUE love really does exist, the kind of love that two people share that nobody can tear apart. The kind of love that forms a TRUE partnership that is valued, cherished and rarely taken for granted, the kind of love that many of us DREAM of finding one day. I have seen some of them raise children that they had while in a heterosexual marriage TRYING to be what society calls  "normal" but in the end they knew it wasn't who they really were... these children are amazing assets to society because of their ability to accept people for who they are, they had GOOD parents who taught them this value. I have seen some adopt children that they cherish and love SO unconditionally simply because they could not have them "traditionally" as we can and those children are assets to society as well because they too accept people for who they are because their parents taught them that. Meanwhile, heterosexual couples I know go into marriage with the thought of getting a divorce if it doesn't work. They moan and groan and whine about their kids and whisk them away to camps, sit them in front of the television to occupy them and act as if they are an inconvenience at times... what kind of role model is that? What are WE teaching them?

I have seen comments flying around about how gross and disgusting Gay people are, I have seen them being called perverted menaces to society that are trying to overtake our country and make it a "gay thing". REALLY? Perverted? I know more heterosexual marriages with perversion and pornography than any gay relationship I know. And nothing is more DISGUSTING than hate and bullying and watching your gay friend lose his partner of 22 years and not even be able to plan his partners funeral or live in the home they built together or collect his life insurance policy after his death because they were not "married". The irony in all of this is that many of these horrible hateful things are being said are being said by my "faithful" , "Godly" friends.

Those of you who follow me or know me personally know that I too am a faithful person. I do everything I can to live a faithful life every day. I have my faults and I make mistakes but I am a Christian and God knows where my heart is in all things... including this. Part of being God-like or Christian is loving and respecting every one, God's love has no boundaries, and neither should ours. True love knows no race, religion, social status, or sexual preferences. I don't care if you are in jail, just out of jail, homeless, rich, socially awkward, disabled, gay, lesbian, straight or unsure; a good person is a good person and none of those things MAKES a person bad or good, nor does it exclude them from what is fair. Being a Christian also means that I should stand up for what I believe in with conviction... so here it is!

My friends who are in LOVE with someone of the same sex have taught me more about true love and loyalty and how much you should value that  more than ANY heterosexual couple I have known under the age of 70. They are much more dedicated and devoted and take their relationships much more seriously than any of the heterosexual couples I know. They share everything, they do not deceive each other and they stand by each other like nothing I have EVER seen. They have been some of the BEST friends that I have EVER had and can ALWAYS count on them to be here if I need them. They have brought SO MUCH joy to my life and I am thankful for their presence. I join them in this fight for the rights that I have been given because I am "normal" or "straight" and the right that has been given to greedy disgusting people who marry for sex, lust and financial gain. My friends DESERVE the right to care, plan, and provide for the ones they love just as much as me and you. Who AM I and WHO ARE YOU to place judgement on them saying they are not worthy of this right... it's absurd. This is not a God thing ... it's about taking care of the ones you love. What if this was your son or daughter? Would you feel the same? What if this was your mother or father, what then?

Love is never unnatural, it is the most natural and beautiful expression on the planet... I don't care what gender you are and who you are in love with. Equality is equality... who am I to say I am better and more deserving than someone else.

This post is dedicated to all of my amazing, brilliant, loving, caring, miraculous, loyal, driven, inspiring, resilient GAY & LESBIAN friends. I love each and every one of you and am lucky to have been surrounded by you in my life. You have taught me lessons that I may never have learned without you, and for that, I thank you. I know what is meant to happen will happen, I have faith in that. After seeing this video, I simply had to say something. I was ashamed for not saying something sooner because my friends deserve these rights, and I should have spoken up before now, for that... I apologize.

PS... God Hates NO ONE!

Here is the video that inspired this post 

US. Senator Diane Savino Speaks On The Marriage Equality Bill


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miracles Happen

I am finally sitting down to write a blog post this week after missing Monday and Wednesday. Thanks to computer issues (I seriously need a new computer) I was unable to operate for two days. Hello virus, nice to meet ya! (UGH) After a little help from friends, I was able to get back online and the black screen of error prompts is no longer staring dead at me.

That is the negative of my week so far, hardly enough to overtake me, PULEASE! 

Over the past few months, I have been trying to decide when to start my second book. I was thinking early Spring (which is now) but after making the decision a month ago to bring my son home from pre-school and teach him myself before he fell WAY behind, I decided that the book would have to wait until summer. I want to be able to really focus because this book will be a bit longer than my first, and right now the first three and half hours of my day are consumed with teaching my son; THAT is high priority. So, late summer it is. As I made this choice, I wondered what I would fill my gaps with. Yes, I have gaps and yes, I know... I should fill them with relaxing, but I can't. I get bored with too much downtime and feeling like a potato is of no interest to me. I opened up my mind to receive whatever came to me and sure enough, an opportunity presented itself. Since I was "thinking" about what I could do... and praying that I would figure it out, of course, something happened.

This week, I was hired by someone to be their ghost writer. A person very much like me, who read my book and needs help writing theirs; they have been struggling with it for a while, but it HAS to be written. "How awesome!", I thought and happily accepted the offer. So yesterday, as I sifted through the notes and read what the person already had, I got excited... REALLY excited. I immediately knew the direction to take with the writings and how I could organize her thoughts, add to them, elaborate on the ideas and really bring this thing to life. It was awesome! I am using my talents to HELP someone else whose mission is to help others. Talk about full circle! 

Late last night after running three types of virus scan and ad-ware on my machine, I got rid of the black screen of prompts and began to type the introduction to my clients book. The words flowed out like water. I was completely moved how my words intertwined with hers and the result was a beautiful start to what will be an amazing book. I sent over the introduction and she responded with so much excitement. She LOVED what I had done and that was a reward in itself.

Today, I feel so close to where I am supposed to be... in fact, I truly believe I am there, surrounded by miracles happening every single day. I chuckle at the negative that tries to invade my space, and only allow it to crawl on my shoulder for a mere moment before brushing it off and carrying on; I have peace running through my veins like never before. It's a good place to be and I think I may just vacation here for a while! 

Want to come with? 


Friday, March 22, 2013

You Can Raise Terrific Kids Too!

Two times this week I had complete strangers compliment me on the way I deal with my children. It surprised me since there are so many times that I feel like I am a not the best parent; all of us feel that way from time to time don't we? Being a career mom causes these feelings more often than not because you are constantly torn between work and home. Do you take that freelance job and give up going to a school play? Or do you sacrifice the income to be there for your child? It's a tough call; one that I HATE having to make. It was nice getting complimented on my children... one was a comment on how well and patiently I explained something to my son (must have caught me on a good day, ha!) and the other was a comment on how amazingly positive and heartfelt my children are becoming because of the example I set. It touched me so deeply that it brought a tear to my eye allowing me to feel that I do okay after all... and of course it led me to writing this inspirational blog post.

I have worn many hats over the years, some were easy, some were hard, but I can honestly say that the "parent hat" is by far the most challenging, difficult, yet rewarding one of all. It's one thing to be responsible for your own actions, but the weight of feeling the responsibility of actions other than your own can be so intense; it's HUGE! (now multiply this times 4 and you have my scenario) As you know, (if you follow my blog) I have 4 beautiful children. My oldest who will be 21 next month (funny... because I am only 26) is in Colorado living out her dreams and making me prouder than proud, I have my strong-willed, artsy, creative 11 year old daughter, a blooming 4 year old boy and a precious little ball of smiles; I know that RAISING KIDS IS HARD! I also know that it's not rocket science. (mainly because if it was I would be failing miserable because I STINK at rocket science!)

I could go on and on... and on on this topic happily staying on my soap box all day long, but lucky for you my fingers are tired from a long day of tapping on keys while trying to change the world... so I am going to break down how to raise terrific kids in a top 10 list Letterman style, here it goes...

Top 10 things I feel it takes to raise terrific kids 

10. Show them love even when you are mad at them

9.Teach them that it's NOT about getting what THEY want, but about what they can do for others.

8. Teach them to set goals, and guide them through the planning process of achieving them. Teach them  never to give up until they can cross those goals off their list., even if they die trying to reach them.

7. Show RESPECT... give respect immediately, "earning" respect should only apply to people who have done something to lose it.

6. Teach them that to get what you want you have to WORK hard.

5. Realize NOTHING is free, handouts do NOT exist... (even if they do teach them they don't, trust me on this one!)

4. Even though you WANT to be their friend, you HAVE to be their parent.

3. Instead of saying "that's wrong" "that's not right" or "that's not how"... say "try again" ,"let me show you what to do" or "let's Google that!"

2. Teach them that it's OKAY TO LOSE! (winners MUST lose to appreciate a victory)

and the #1 thing you can do to raise terrific kids?........


Look, we are all human, we all make mistakes, but we need to share some of the stories of our ghastly mistakes with our kids instead of hiding those skeletons in the closet. It helps them relate to us better... if we "keep it real" then we show them that we are human... not just some alien species called parents that are here to ruin their lives and laugh about it. I did this with my oldest when all else was failing and that light bulb burned SO BRIGHT after that it could have guided a million ships through a Tsunami. It was a pivotal moment in my "teen rearing" and I will use it again on Baleigh (praying with crossed fingers and toes that it works the second time around as well as the first.)

Single mom's get a bad rap... we are often beat up and made out to be "poor,  pathetic, women" who are all alone raising disrespectful, latch key kids that will follow the same path we did. I am here to say that just like anything else... if a single mom's mission is to raise terrific kids, she is TOUGH enough, STRONG enough and most of all ABLE enough to GET IT DONE RIGHT!

I can only hope that ALL my kids learn from not only my examples but from my mistakes and apply it to their lives so theirs may be better. I am a survivor, I have had to tell them NO when every other parent was saying yes just to shut their kids whining pie hole. I teach my kids that if their pie-hole is whining then even if I COULD get them what they wanted, they just ruined that opportunity by whining. I love them to bits and they know this no matter what, and THAT is what is most important.

Have a phenomenal weekend!

My terrific kids (in no special order)

My Amazing Brie

Cierra (aka MINI-ME)


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Child's Truly Beautiful Letter....

If you read my last blog post, (The Power of New Beginnings), you know that on the morning of my recent book signing in SC for I Need the Happy Ending, my family and I visited my sister Teresa's grave since my book was dedicated to her. On the way to the memorial gardens, my daughter Baleigh was diligently writing something in a small little notebook she carried with her in the car. Every few minutes she would ask me how to spell a word, but I had no idea what it was that she was writing. She is a die-hard journal writer as I have always encouraged her to be, so my assumption was that she was just writing another one of her many journal entries.

As we pulled into the cemetery, she handed me 4 little slips of paper saying that she had written a note to her Aunt Teresa. She knew that I had planned to place 2 pink carnations on her grave and wanted the note to be left for her as well. I was touched so deeply by this gesture, and as I read the note I was moved to tears. Baleigh has never been to a cemetery and has never really experienced death other than the few animals that we have had who have died and the passing of my 94 year old grandmother 3 years ago, so it was truly a beautiful moment that I felt the need to share with you. She may be my arch enemy at times, hating me for having to be "the boss" and slamming doors in my face from time to time when she does not get her way... but this child is amazing. Her heart is as big as the world and she is wise beyond her years; (unless you are talking about Math problems.) You want to know what else? Baleigh is 11 years old; the very same age I was the day I wrote my first diary entry which have now become the beginning words of my book. Pretty cool, I thought.
So.... I managed to find a little golf pencil in the car,  and used it as a stake to stick the note in the ground beside the flowers I left. I can only hope that my sister will somehow get the sweet message ;)

I hope you enjoy this post and share it with others... 
it would make me smile and perhaps it will make others smile too. 

Life is simply too short to not appreciate every breath we have... remember that!


Monday, March 18, 2013

The Power of New Beginnings

Last week was great. As I headed back to South Carolina for my very first book signing, I was both excited and overwhelmed; in a good way. I looked forward to creating new beginnings in a place I once dreaded coming back to. It was a huge success. Although my initial plan was to start  the tour in my hometown and travel to the cities I lived in chronological order;  everything happens on purpose,  and "our plan" is not always the best plan.

As it works out, I will be close to my home town in April unexpectedly. I was invited and then interviewed to be 1 of only 20 makeup artists in the country to attend an exclusive training event in Provincetown Massachusetts and I am one of the chosen ones! I will now kill two birds with one stone while I am there. Since I wanted to stick to my schedule of starting the book tour in March, I decided to make the kid's Spring Break the week to kick off my tour and begin it in SC instead. Behind every moment that does not turn out as originally planned, there is profound purpose; I know this through experience... but somehow it still amazes me how things just fall into place so perfectly if you don't fight to have it your way.

As many of you already know, my book is dedicated to my sister Teresa who was killed in 1981 by a drunk driver in my hometown of Ware, Massachusetts. What I failed to remember was that she was buried in South Carolina when my parents made the decision that they would eventually move to SC after her passing. As we drove the kids around showing them where I went to school as a child, it dawned on me... what better way to start the day of the signing than to visit my sister's graveside. My whole family was together for the first time in 5 years, it was so appropriate. My children have never been, I had not been in over 22 years, my Mom, dad and younger brother had not been in a few years, and my brother Keith had not been since she died 32 years ago. It was so perfect and gave my morning the start it needed to carry on promoting this book in her memory.
The only one missing in this picture is my daughter Abrielle because she was fast asleep.

I could not think of a better way to have started start my tour. God had a firm grip on this one; you don't have to believe it, but I do. His hands are wrapped around me tighter than ever now that I am on the path he had intended for me. He lead me back to exactly where he wanted me to go; where he knew I needed to be, and by doing this I am traveling back in time day by day erasing all the negatives that engulfed my past. He is healing me with his guidance and loving me like nobody else can. My heart is so different than it was several years ago, and I am overwhelmed  and in complete awe of how everything is unfolding.

After getting the news on Friday of last week that I had been chosen to be part of a non profit christian ministry as an inspirational speaker, I was overjoyed, speechless and am so close to my "Happy Ending" that I can  touch it. The opportunity to reach hundreds.. perhaps thousands of people with inspiration and hope during troubled times is a dream come true for me. I knew the day I started typing my story I was on the right rack, I was SURE of it, and at that moment everything negative that had ever happened to me finally made sense and was worth every second.

It is amazing, yes, it is miraculous, but it is something that YOU can experience as well. The day I stopped worrying about how things were going to be, the day that I stopped trying to control the direction my life was taking and simply had 100% faith in the plan that unfolded before me with each decision I  made... my life changed, and so can yours if you believe it will. Mistakes are meant to occur, sinning is part of who we ALL are, but judging others for what they do that we don't agree with is wrong no matter how you look at it. Once you get that and begin to live by it, things will become more positive around you, I promise. Love like no other to live like no other... that is my catch phrase!

It's never too late to change, it's never too late to start over and embrace a new beginning so that your outcome may be different and better. Never stop growing, reflecting, and most of all never stop setting and reaching your goals with every arm stretch.

I want to thank each and every person for coming out to my events last week, it meant the world to me for you to share that very special day with me. I am forever changed once again and look forward to the remainder of my journey in life., I hope you will continue to follow it.


This is me with a former classmate who has become one of my huge fans and supporters

This is me with one of my favorite teachers Mr. Hyatt from elementary school who I speak of in my book and the secretary Miss Becky from that same school.
Their smiles greeted my every morning as a child when I really needed a happy face.

I was delirious from the week can you tell?
Taken at the after event

 Old friends are the best! I was so happy to see and celebrate with this gang!

As I was speaking

Although I was tired and windblown I smiled for a picture with a friend and fan

Monday, March 11, 2013

An Unexpected Message

I am just a couple of hours away from hitting the road back to SC... a place that I once called the "dreaded place." It was the state where I ended up in 1982 after my sister passed away, when we moved from Massachusetts back to my mom's roots. It was a place that I was not well received, where I was bullied, saddened and hurt by people who did not even take the time to get to know me. I have visited nearly once a year since I left back in 1999 to visit my mom, my brother, my dad, and 4-5 people that I have managed to keep in touch with all of these years whom I consider friends, but still dreaded every trip. Strange... that after living there that many years, bad memories consumed each and every visit back.

This trip will be different... very different. I am almost overwhelmed as my nerves shimmy and shake at the thought of seeing many people from my past; some who were once those bullies, the ones who made me sad and hurt my feelings. However I am headed back this time to celebrate becoming an author, to share my book and sign them for some of the very people that had a lot to do with me writing it; many  are now my biggest fans. It's weird, and scary, but in a bigger way, it's awesome.

I am looking forward to seeing these faces, perhaps shed a tear or two as emotions come flooding back and memories both good and bad overcome me. I feel blessed to be changing lives, minds and feelings of people I barely know. God has directed me the whole way and through my journey he is leading me back to make what once was a bad thing... good. I know that SC will become a very different place in my mind for the future after this trip. I have already begun to feel the love and support from both friends and foes over the past two years as I wrote the book and shared the journey on social media sites. I have received many emails and messages that have warmed my heart... but the most beautiful one yet came this morning from one of the people who bullied me in high school. She read the book and as I read her email message tears rolled down my face. I have decided to share a small excerpt of her email  to me. I could not include the entire thing as it contained some very personal matters of the heart, but she shared that my book came as an unexpected blessing just at the right time.

"I felt very sad in reading other parts of the story. One thing that really struck me was how much we had in common growing up. I grew up in a very conservative home with parents who were extremely religious as well. I remember having to hide my cassette tapes under my waterbed mattress and not being able to wear pants at times in my life, not being allowed to go to movies. That was always a big source of conflict in my life and it made me sad to know that I stood beside someone who shared the same experiences and possibly could have been a good friend had I bothered to get to know her. But sadly, even if I had known that, it probably wouldn't have mattered. I wasn't in a place in my life where I had learned how to cultivate true friendships. That would come years later. in high school, I was too self centered and immature to be a good friend to anyone. 
I never knew about your sister. I don't know if the other girls did and if it would have mattered but in looking back, it is heartbreaking to think about what you endured in school after having experienced the loss of your sister and moving to a new state. A lot of people would have just shriveled up after the relentless bullying you went through. The fact that you were able to use those experiences as motivation is a true testament to your strength and character. I really wish that I would have been there for you and it makes me feel very small and weak to know that I wasn't. I also have a 9 year old daughter and I talk to her a lot about character development. For all of my religious training and Sunday school lessons, no one ever asked me, what kind of person do you want to be? I ask my daughter that questions a lot and I have shared a story that happened to you with her several times as an example of how hurtful people can be and how important it is to be self aware in how you treat others. I want her to really understand the effect and impact her actions can have if she is not careful and thinking about it. 
I am very happy for you Shelley-not that you need validation from me, or anyone else for that matter, but that is what I feel so I'm saying it. You should be very proud of yourself and how hard you've worked to become so successful. You look amazing and happy, and it seems like you've built a very rewarding life. On top of that, you are touching other people's lives and inspiring others and that is not something that a lot of people get to do on such a large scale. Thank you for sending me the book and sharing your story. I think I read it in like 2 days. It was very hard to put down. I hope you continue to have success with it and that becoming an author and sharing your writing is a very rewarding experience for you. You deserve it."

My lesson for you today is that it is never to late to change, we have all made mistakes but forgiveness awaits for those who are truly seeking it. Just as God forgives, we too can forgive the people who have caused us pain, who have made mistakes and judged us wrongly. Feelings or angst and revenge only eat at us and weigh us down, we need to forgive and let it go. Of course we never forget, it forms who we are but forgiveness is the first step in healing. This person's email has touched my life and forever changed how I feel about her moving forward. Although I forgave all of my bullies and haters years ago when I asked God to forgive me, it was beautiful to receive such a message today and in my opinion it came at the perfect time. 

Have a great day, night, or morning wherever you may be.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Have You Ever Had A Dream Squashed?

How many people have you heard, or how many times have you said to yourself... "What if?" (fill in the blank) Now... how many of those people or you have turned right around and said, "why not?" You see... saying "what if" proves that you have a desire; we all have desires... things we want to accomplish, things we wish we could buy, people we want to be with, places we want to go; but how many of us really GO FOR IT? How many of us say "Why not?" How many of us swallow our pride, jump in with both feet and take a leap of faith and plan out the steps we need to take to make it happen.'s a small percentage. Many people are more willing to say "what if" than admitting that they've "been there done that" and failed.

So... why do people give up on their dreams and goals? In my life, there were many nay-sayer's, non believers-in-me who tried to squash my dreams. I must say that there were times I almost believed them and everything they were saying because it was easier to give up than to press on. Something inside of me would not let me throw in the towel, I had a burning desire to win, to prove to myself that I could do anything that I set my mind to. I love a challenge; always have and was born with business running in through my veins. I understand that the way I do things is not for everyone, not everyone has the same desires as me and certainly not everyone has the ambition or drive to push through. It is important to know however, that we ALL have it in us... we have the ability and the gifts which we have been blessed with to live out a life of greatness and meet our fullest potential. The question is not if we can, it's whether or not we WILL. Will YOU ignite that flame and fight to keep it lit?

I want you to think about a dream... a goal that you once had... maybe it was one that someone squashed along your journey. I want you to ask yourself how bad you still want it. Do you want it bad enough to put it back in the forefront and work achieving it into your every day life? It's not about making something happen overnight, it's about putting into action what you can logically and physically do in order to work towards a goal. It's about looking forward to something, living with purpose and adding more meaning to your life... it's about creating your own Happy Ending; it's possible because everything that seems impossible becomes I'M-possible when you just slow down and pace it right.

To my readers from all over the world...
Have a fabulous day/night/evening/morning keep pressing on, never give up and tell those dream squashers to eat your dust!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Zeroing In On Your Goal

I, Shelley Giard, went nearly a WHOLE day without social media! HOLY MOLEY! For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know that I am rarely quiet; typically posting at least once if not several times a day across the numerous social pages depending on what's going on in my world. That being said, every time that I have been quiet it has been for good reason; today was no exception.

Today, I was FOCUSED on a goal... a mission of sorts and had to do what I had to do in order to accomplish it. I know myself well; and if I don't zone in when I am trying to get something completed, my severe A.D.D. , scatterbrained self,  and "I see shiny objects" mentality take over. I have to turn off all devices and distractions and just HONE IN on my target. Today, that target happened to be setting up my son's new "home school" classroom. What? Yes... I officially removed my son from his "half-ash"  Pre-k program because he was not learning squat. I decided to take matters into my own hands so he is not clueless when he goes off to kindergarten next year. I am challenged, because in order to get him up to speed, I feel that I am going to have to school him all summer as well if I decide to start him next year. (I have still not decided on that one since he will not be turning 5 until late August. Any thoughts on that PLEASE share them!)

I have NEVER taught any of my children at home like this. I had a nanny for both my older girls, and sent them off to pre-school at age 3, never having an issue. My youngest daughter Abrielle had the opportunity to be enrolled into the public school system back in October just after she turned 3, to get a head start on school since she has Down syndrome and is doing fabulous! Zane, my super hands on, super curious, rambunctious, hungry, little 4 year boy who loves to learn but not in a traditional way is a loner in this game making his success in learning my new "project". I must admit I am determined to conquer this and will likely use it as an opportunity to learn some things that I should have picked up on in school myself when I was dazed, bored and confused. I am planning to teach him the way I wish I had been taught and see if it works. He is a lot like me in this way so I am thinking that we will learn a lot together! 

Shopping today was a ton of fun, I bought dinosaurs, lizards, army men and dice as objects to learn counting and addition with. I bought activity books with trucks, alphabet workbooks, stickers for "that a boy" moments and posters for our learning wall. I then came home and cleared out an entire wall in the garage, which was already our psuedo play room, and I turned it into our classroom. I intend to put the finishing touches on the room this weekend by slapping some nice calm blue paint on the wall and creating a chalk/dry erase/ cork board combo. Decorating spaz, meets business mom, meets anal retentive organized control freak, meets creative artist... no doubt we will have a VERY cool learning environment! 

Tomorrow will be day three of learning with Mom... and it's going pretty well (minus the frequent requests for snacks and water which I will break him of very soon) Did I EVER see myself doing this? Ummm NO! In fact I would never have believed I could do it if I had to, but... I feel I have to. I have never considered myself the soccer mom in any way shape or form, but I am also not the mom that will sit back and whine about how my kid is not learning in pre-school and blame his lack of learning on someone else's mishandling. (although in this case it is pretty much the truth) Bottom line is that I am his mom and it is my responsibility to help him any way I can, so I have decided that THIS is what I must do. 

I intend to use this learning room for all of my kids. Baleigh struggles as well because typical school does not cater to the starving artists, the creative types like us that need a little more in their curriculum than "See Jane run". Perhaps something new will be birthed from this... other than the obvious disguise that I may be becoming a career woman soccer mom! HA :)

Life does not always take us on the road we thought we'd travel, but life will always get us to our destination if we simply take it one day, one moment, one experience at a time. 

Goodnight, good morning, good day or good evening!



Saturday, March 2, 2013

He Who Has the Last Laugh Dies Happy!

Hey Everyone! Happy Weekend! My post tonight is a little different; I typically blog about serious stuff that is deep... you know, the stuff that makes you question where you are in life, why you are there and what you can do if you want to change it. However... once in a while, I am in the mood to be my light-hearted, funny, free-spirited and spontaneous self; lucky for you, tonight is one of those nights. I have had a few hiccups in my path this week, so I have done everything I could to make myself laugh and not let people's negative behavior's rub off on me. After all you gotta do whatcha' gotta do right?

Earlier this week, I re-posted a really funny photo that a friend of mine had on her Facebook wall. It made me laugh hysterically even though I had seen it before because being the creative person I am, I related to it more than I can even explain. It has quite honestly made me laugh all week because I keep scrolling back on my own wall to look at it! I have a daughter in 5th grade right now who is also super creative and she too struggles with Math all of the time... ESPECIALLY when it comes to word problems. These things just NEVER make sense to me... okay maybe 1 out of 10 make sense, but even then it's debatable, I can think of much more productive and useful ways to teach a child logic and problem solving. 

Here was the post that made me laugh:

I have decided that I am going to print this one out along with some others I have seen, put them in a frame and hang them up in my house just like I do motivational quotes for those days when I just need to laugh. We all need to laugh... sometimes it's the only quick remedy for loneliness, depression, sadness, anger and boredom. I think I have said things like this in a past posts, probably during a tough week just as I have had this week. I likely wrote the blog to not only make you laugh; perhaps I needed it to. It's part of coming out of a funk... getting your mind in the right place and just feeling free. (okay, there I go getting deep again) 

I hope your week went better than mine... I am being tested this week for sure but I know I will come out stronger. It has been another example that people are not always as they seem and that many are only out for themselves. (I already knew that)  I am so happy this "aint my first rodeo"; I am a well prepared engine that could and will fight if I need to. The great thing is that I can still laugh, I can still be free of worry and I can keep going simply because I am built to last and I know who to thank for that! 

Have an awesome night, a wonderful weekend, and I will see you again next week! 

Until then, here are a few more laughs: