Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Child's Truly Beautiful Letter....

If you read my last blog post, (The Power of New Beginnings), you know that on the morning of my recent book signing in SC for I Need the Happy Ending, my family and I visited my sister Teresa's grave since my book was dedicated to her. On the way to the memorial gardens, my daughter Baleigh was diligently writing something in a small little notebook she carried with her in the car. Every few minutes she would ask me how to spell a word, but I had no idea what it was that she was writing. She is a die-hard journal writer as I have always encouraged her to be, so my assumption was that she was just writing another one of her many journal entries.

As we pulled into the cemetery, she handed me 4 little slips of paper saying that she had written a note to her Aunt Teresa. She knew that I had planned to place 2 pink carnations on her grave and wanted the note to be left for her as well. I was touched so deeply by this gesture, and as I read the note I was moved to tears. Baleigh has never been to a cemetery and has never really experienced death other than the few animals that we have had who have died and the passing of my 94 year old grandmother 3 years ago, so it was truly a beautiful moment that I felt the need to share with you. She may be my arch enemy at times, hating me for having to be "the boss" and slamming doors in my face from time to time when she does not get her way... but this child is amazing. Her heart is as big as the world and she is wise beyond her years; (unless you are talking about Math problems.) You want to know what else? Baleigh is 11 years old; the very same age I was the day I wrote my first diary entry which have now become the beginning words of my book. Pretty cool, I thought.
So.... I managed to find a little golf pencil in the car,  and used it as a stake to stick the note in the ground beside the flowers I left. I can only hope that my sister will somehow get the sweet message ;)

I hope you enjoy this post and share it with others... 
it would make me smile and perhaps it will make others smile too. 

Life is simply too short to not appreciate every breath we have... remember that!