Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miracles Happen

I am finally sitting down to write a blog post this week after missing Monday and Wednesday. Thanks to computer issues (I seriously need a new computer) I was unable to operate for two days. Hello virus, nice to meet ya! (UGH) After a little help from friends, I was able to get back online and the black screen of error prompts is no longer staring dead at me.

That is the negative of my week so far, hardly enough to overtake me, PULEASE! 

Over the past few months, I have been trying to decide when to start my second book. I was thinking early Spring (which is now) but after making the decision a month ago to bring my son home from pre-school and teach him myself before he fell WAY behind, I decided that the book would have to wait until summer. I want to be able to really focus because this book will be a bit longer than my first, and right now the first three and half hours of my day are consumed with teaching my son; THAT is high priority. So, late summer it is. As I made this choice, I wondered what I would fill my gaps with. Yes, I have gaps and yes, I know... I should fill them with relaxing, but I can't. I get bored with too much downtime and feeling like a potato is of no interest to me. I opened up my mind to receive whatever came to me and sure enough, an opportunity presented itself. Since I was "thinking" about what I could do... and praying that I would figure it out, of course, something happened.

This week, I was hired by someone to be their ghost writer. A person very much like me, who read my book and needs help writing theirs; they have been struggling with it for a while, but it HAS to be written. "How awesome!", I thought and happily accepted the offer. So yesterday, as I sifted through the notes and read what the person already had, I got excited... REALLY excited. I immediately knew the direction to take with the writings and how I could organize her thoughts, add to them, elaborate on the ideas and really bring this thing to life. It was awesome! I am using my talents to HELP someone else whose mission is to help others. Talk about full circle! 

Late last night after running three types of virus scan and ad-ware on my machine, I got rid of the black screen of prompts and began to type the introduction to my clients book. The words flowed out like water. I was completely moved how my words intertwined with hers and the result was a beautiful start to what will be an amazing book. I sent over the introduction and she responded with so much excitement. She LOVED what I had done and that was a reward in itself.

Today, I feel so close to where I am supposed to be... in fact, I truly believe I am there, surrounded by miracles happening every single day. I chuckle at the negative that tries to invade my space, and only allow it to crawl on my shoulder for a mere moment before brushing it off and carrying on; I have peace running through my veins like never before. It's a good place to be and I think I may just vacation here for a while! 

Want to come with?