Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Have You Ever Had A Dream Squashed?

How many people have you heard, or how many times have you said to yourself... "What if?" (fill in the blank) Now... how many of those people or you have turned right around and said, "why not?" You see... saying "what if" proves that you have a desire; we all have desires... things we want to accomplish, things we wish we could buy, people we want to be with, places we want to go; but how many of us really GO FOR IT? How many of us say "Why not?" How many of us swallow our pride, jump in with both feet and take a leap of faith and plan out the steps we need to take to make it happen.'s a small percentage. Many people are more willing to say "what if" than admitting that they've "been there done that" and failed.

So... why do people give up on their dreams and goals? In my life, there were many nay-sayer's, non believers-in-me who tried to squash my dreams. I must say that there were times I almost believed them and everything they were saying because it was easier to give up than to press on. Something inside of me would not let me throw in the towel, I had a burning desire to win, to prove to myself that I could do anything that I set my mind to. I love a challenge; always have and was born with business running in through my veins. I understand that the way I do things is not for everyone, not everyone has the same desires as me and certainly not everyone has the ambition or drive to push through. It is important to know however, that we ALL have it in us... we have the ability and the gifts which we have been blessed with to live out a life of greatness and meet our fullest potential. The question is not if we can, it's whether or not we WILL. Will YOU ignite that flame and fight to keep it lit?

I want you to think about a dream... a goal that you once had... maybe it was one that someone squashed along your journey. I want you to ask yourself how bad you still want it. Do you want it bad enough to put it back in the forefront and work achieving it into your every day life? It's not about making something happen overnight, it's about putting into action what you can logically and physically do in order to work towards a goal. It's about looking forward to something, living with purpose and adding more meaning to your life... it's about creating your own Happy Ending; it's possible because everything that seems impossible becomes I'M-possible when you just slow down and pace it right.

To my readers from all over the world...
Have a fabulous day/night/evening/morning keep pressing on, never give up and tell those dream squashers to eat your dust!