Friday, June 28, 2013

Is There Always Tomorrow?

"There is always tomorrow"  is such an odd phrase even though it's something I say all of the time. Being optimistic, I am always thinking ahead of the game, after the rain, beyond the clouds, over the rainbow and living like there IS always tomorrow. However... if we are honest with ourselves, we know that there isn't always tomorrow. Our time in this world is not forever, as much as we like to think it is.

I decided to write this blog tonight because my Facebook feed has been filled with lots of devastating news lately. I micro-control my feed to keep it as positive as I can, however a lot of people I know have lost loved ones and pets, some are dealing with diagnosis', but they are all grieving & dealing with what feels like unbearable pain; pain that is indescribable to someone who has never experienced it. Grief is an unfortunate part of life; we grieve those we lose, we hurt for those around us that are going through it, and we long for one more day and realize how lucky we truly are to get it. 

I know first-hand what happens during grieving after losing my sister when I was a young girl. I watched my whole family fall to pieces and I went through my own stages of grief, and although we all dealt with it differently there is one thing in common between us; it has never gone away. Sure, I could sit here and candy-coat it and say that it goes away, but that's not true and I am as honest as they come. What I CAN tell you is that although it never ends... it does get easier as you travel through the stages one day at a time, and that is how you have to go through it... one day at a time.

My sister passed away 32 years ago this coming August, and I still grieve for her. The stage I am in now is more of a reminiscent one, I remember her for all that she was, wonder who she would be today and smile when I think of her as I wipe tears from my eyes. The tears are both sad ones and happy ones... sad for the moments I miss her and wish I still had a big sister to talk to, to go shopping with and to "just be girls" and the happy ones remembering the moments when she was here and knowing how proud she would be of how I have turned out. 

There are many things you can do to try and take away the pain, a lot of people begin to drink, or take get depression pills to "mask" the pain they are feeling. Both of which will lead you to a downward spiral that leads to nowhere; I know... I became a drunk teen. Then for a long time, I poured my heart out onto paper in a journal; my moments of anger, sadness, worry... moments that I hated everything that had happened TO me because of it. What I did not take the time to do was to appreciate what it did FOR me; that is until just a few years ago. I was raised in a Christian home, attended a Christian school, and lived a Christian life as a child. After the death of my sister, I did not understand... I was taught that God would protect and care for us, so why was this happening? For years I had these thoughts and because I kept them bottled in and told nobody how I was feeling, I formed my own opinion... and that was that God wasn't real. I decided it was all a fairy tale, a make-believe thing like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny... a lie our parents told us so we would behave and listen. I lived with that belief for years... as an unannounced Atheist. That's so hard to say now that I am in a different place and it actually makes me sad.

Thank GOD... literally that I was dealt a bunch of adversity, a bunch of absolute crap-ola in order to change my mind again. I will admit to you however that I was hit HARD, torn down to the core so that I had nothing left,  I was out-of-gas and luckily my mom was with me at that moment to remind me to ask the "big guy" to change what I was being dealt. I recall mocking and yelling angrily as I fell to my knees... "Okay God... you want to show me you are real? Then take it... just take it, I am done, got nothing left!" Well, I promise you that he showed me how real he was and I was forever changed in less than 24 hours.

Am I perfect? Ummm NO, do you have to be perfect? NO! Do you have to believe that you are not in this game of life alone in order for things to work as they are supposed to? Yep. I am not "preaching" nor do I judge anyone for their beliefs, and I am not shoving ANYTHING down anyone's throat... that's simply not my style. What I AM doing is sharing my story and letting you know that it has changed me. I no longer think about what things in life did TO me, I live by what they did FOR me and THAT my friends is the most amazing feeling and experience of my life thus far. I found my reasons why, and through that I found purpose in life. I also gained compassion, empathy, understanding and am now living the life I always dreamt of living (minus just a few things but I have faith they are coming too!)

I still live like there is always tomorrow... and I encourage you to do the same, but you must also live every day as if it is your last. Although that seems a bit contrary... if you read it more than once and absorb what the message says... you'll get it. And if you don't email me... (

For all of my friend's who are grieving, who are sad, lost, hopeless and in need of making sense of what you are going through, remember to take it one day at a time. Don't be afraid to ask someone that prays to pray for you if you don't believe... don't be afraid to admit that you want to believe that it's all happening with reason, and trust that it all is. I promise you... as hard as it may seem right now, it HAS a purpose. I hope you are lucky enough to find your "why"... I did, and I wrote a book about it. That in itself helped me, and now, I help others which has made everything worth-while. 

Have a great night! Stay strong and remember... one day at a time.

lots of XOXOXO

Monday, June 24, 2013

Creative Inspiration

I have been creative-minded as far back as I can remember. The creative juices as a child flowed as freely as my dangling feet when I sat next to my pépé at the long breakfast bar that took up the entire length of my mémé's kitchen. He was creative too, a profound carpenter, artist and "mental engineer" and he always had words of wisdom, encouragement and plenty of constructive criticism. (Never do I wonder where the perfectionist in me came from) My cousin Renée was often sitting with us and she and I would color in our coloring books with our colored pencils and crayons that Pep kept neatly tucked away on the top shelf of the coat closet. Every time I visited, he would almost automatically get up from the bar, beer-breathed with a cigarette stuck to his lip, pull down the art supplies, set them up on the bar for me as he proceeded to get me a butterscotch candy from the drawer on the opposite side of the bar. I always got excited when he did this, and every single time I pop a butterscotch candy in my mouth to this day (still my favorite candy) I think of these happy days. I remember when I colored trees different colors how Pep would lovingly but sternly state that trees were green. He would then show me how to press harder to get deep shades and to press lightly for lighter ones; it is how I learned about shading and toning. I never knew how learning this skill would play into my adulthood with the career I chose... but I use this magic every single day and know it's what makes me the artist I am today. He challenged me, corrected me when I needed it, and loved me all of the time. When I paint something or draw something on paper or canvas, which is not as often as I would like, I still sign my name in red because he told me that's what "real artist's do."

Many years later, another path of my creative mind blossomed when my sixth grade teacher Mary Roberts saw something in me that I did not; my love for writing and ability to express myself through words began because of her. I started by keeping diaries, then quickly fell in love with poetry which eventually led to writing song lyrics, being that I also had a strong love for music. As I ventured into adulthood I always kept a journal, some which I would write in every day, and some that my pen would merely visit when I needed to pour out feelings when there was simply nobody to listen. All of this writing continued and eventually led me to write and publish my first book. I always said it would happen... and I suppose I believed it, but to have lived it is a whole different experience.

As I look back now, I realize how lucky I was to have such creative influences in my life... and how relevant those moments and people are today. Those early influences help me realize the things around me that other people would never even notice... the beauty and meaning in things, the sentiment and special place things around me have in my heart and in my life. As you finish reading this tonight, I want you to think back into your childhood... who inspired you? Who in your life became relevant later on and perhaps inspired or influenced you? Whether it was actual "creative" inspiration or not, we "create"  who we are with inspiration... of all kinds. Don't let meaningful moments pass you by , hold on to memories and things that you are happy you held onto so that they can bring you back to special moments in your life. We are so quick to throw things away, to give things to charity without truly remembering sometimes what they may mean to us one day.

This is a painting of me on slate that was given to me 32 years ago by my elementary art teacher at the private school I attended in Massachusetts. Her granddaughter was one of my best friends from childhood and I posted this on her Facebook page today to make her smile after losing her father last week. It has hung  in every one of my children's bedrooms and currently hangs in Brie and Zane's room. There were many times when I almost gave this away... feeling it was silly to keep hanging onto. Today I was so happy that my heart never allowed me to let it go. The artist was also the woman who brought me home from church the night my sister died. She holds a very special place in my heart.

Thank you Elva for being one of those creative influences in my life.



Friday, June 21, 2013

Perseverance Pays Off...

This has been an AWESOME week and I have learned to really appreciate those weeks, because as we all know... life does not hand us awesome weeks all of the time. If you are in the up and down world of freelance work, or self-employment, it can feel even LESS often. It is because of that, that many people have a hard time sticking with it. Perhaps they feel their circumstances do not allow a choice; they feel that they need something more financially stable and predictable, something more "normal".

It makes me really sad (and frustrated quite frankly) to see people who are amazing at something or who have amazing potential in their craft give up for reasons like this. I simply cannot imagine myself completely leaving what I love to do for something I "have" to do... I suppose I am just not wired that way. When it comes to my career, it is because of my love for it that I have always FOUND a way to make it work; to make it my living, to give it 120%, 100% of the time. After all... where there is a will, there is a way right? Do you BELIEVE that? I do, and that is the first step in making what you love your living.

I remember 22 years ago when I had to present my career as a cosmetologist to my twelfth-grade English class. Classmates chuckled and snickered at me as I shared my aspirations; but that never stopped me. I was on a mission to do what I loved and THAT is what I would do. There were times when I worked two jobs... I had opened my first salon at the early age of 20, and while I got it going, I took a side job as a server/bartender in order to pay my bills. I networked with my customers, but not about being a server... but about me being a hairstylist/makeup artist because THAT was my love. Serving was merely a temporary necessity in my path to keep my dream alive; and although I was a dedicated server and gave it my best... at the end of the day I knew where I wanted to hang my hat and I always stayed focused on that.

Many years went by; I would be lying if I said it was easy, but somehow, I always managed to FIND a way to make it work, to make ends meet, to network for new business and learned what I could to gain more. It was hard; sleep was often a side note, but when you have big dreams, big goals, and a desire to reach them, you do what it takes despite the obstacles because it's the only way to get there. There were times when I questioned myself and although I never thought of giving up, I would get frustrated, overwhelmed, tired and would have moments where I felt like my hard work would never pay off. There are still times when I feel this way even now as my career flourishes because when you add up the hours sometimes the math just doesn't make sense. However when you see things coming to fruition, when you finally reach the point of people realizing your value, your mind begins to shift and you realize there is more to this than a dollar amount; I guess that is where I am right now.

Over the course of many years... I have given my services away, I have done things that cost me money yet yielded none... I have invested both time and money and lost that time and money because not all of your investments will pay off. However perseverance does... EVERY single time. You have to know when to hold em' and know when to fold em', but doing what you love is something you should never fold and that holds true whether we are talking careers or simply what makes you happy in life.

As my week comes to a close, I am so happy to see that my perseverance is making things happen. I know I am on the track to where I have always wanted to be, I have said it before and I will say it again and again because THAT is what belief sounds like.

Yesterday afternoon before heading to a photo shoot for a new client, I checked my email. I was excited to see a message with a few sneak peek shots from another brand new photographer client that I worked with earlier in the week. In the message, she included these two shots as well as this this... 

"I didn't do any contouring in post--that's all your amazing makeup!"  

I must admit, it made for a very good day... you just can't put a price on stuff like that. 

I am so happy that the days of people asking me to work for trade are over because my value has finally been realized. My confidence in my work is also strong enough to not feel bad for charging what I am worth. It may take you a long time to get there, unfortunately in the freelance world you must prove yourself.  I PROMISE that if you never give up and continue to improve your skills and professionalism, your perseverance WILL pay off one day! If you love it, want it bad enough to do whatever it takes!

I wish you all the ability to do something you love for a living... 
to maintain passion in something and follow your dreams.

Here are a few more shots from my VERY busy week...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When Push Comes to Shove... DON'T SHOVE

Have you ever asked yourself, ; "When push comes to shove.... what does this mean anyway?"

Okay so maybe you haven't, but being the person that I am... I have! And as always, asking myself questions like this leads me to valuable lessons which makes me want to share them with you. (perhaps that makes you the lucky one, or maybe makes me the weird one.)

So... what does this phrase mean to me?... well,  it simply states that there will be moments in life when you will want to shove rather than push. What I find interesting (and why I finished the phrase) is that it is open ended... it is used giving you the choice to push or shove. "Well, what's the difference, and why does it matter?" You ask. Here is your answer:

When you shove, you are acting with anger, frustration, aggression; it's an emotional response with a negative tone. Push is a more gentle response, a response that describes strength. Although it can be negative as well,(I pushed him over the edge with my behavior) it is generally a more positive word by nature. It is so easy when  "push comes to shove" moments come into play in our lives to just flip a gasket and SHOVE it all out of the way, to act in anger, aggression, haste, not caring what the repercussions may be. However, this typically solves nothing and leaves a lot of room for regret. It's irrational, and simply not the best way to handle things. I am guilty of this and I am sure you are as well. (Unless you lie to yourself)

We all must remind ourselves to PUSH through, PUSH forward, and to PUSH things aside in order to move on. It's more productive, more positive and more effective in the long run.

Remember this post next time you have a "moment"

When faced with your next 
"When push comes to shove situation" 
NEVER act in anger, stop, think and PUSH through it!


Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's a Long-Shot but Someone Will Surely Do It

Once upon a time, just about a year ago… I was a makeup artist hoping to stay inspired in something that I loved; to reach out and meet other people who shared the love of makeup and perhaps even meet a few people who shared my love of making others feel good about themselves; to share what makes them who they are, what they want to become and how they plan to get there. Sometimes, it can be a lonely world, because many people in the “normal” daily grind just don’t get this kind of passion… this kind of love.

Artists… they are quirky, precise, anal, obsessive, compulsive, scattered, spirited, fun and often broken… yet passionately focused not only on what they love AT THAT MOMENT, but have an undying love for beauty,  the art of expression, of emotions and acceptance of others in every aspect of life. 22 years after starting my career, I am still in love… it’s the longest love affair I have ever had… and I KNEW there had to be people who shared the same love. Diamonds in the rough, needles in the haystack that we may be… I needed to find them; it became a quest.

November 13, 2012… The Makeup Show Orlando; something that I had heard of but never had the ability to attend… it was always out of state and I was a single mom with no family around working my buns off for years to make ends meet; not an excuse… just a fact. I finally had the money and time to attend; it was coming to Orlando for the first time… only an hour and a half away. I rearranged schedules last minute and even entered their photo contest and became a finalist. My hope was to soak up some knowledge or simply add to my already inspired outlook on what I did for a living, because despite how up and down the career could be… I loved every moment as long as I was creating, learning, putting smiles on people’s faces and sharing my knowledge, strength and wisdom with others around me who cared to listen.

I sat in on a class called “Ten-Words” taught by a man I had never heard of… probably because I had never really used MAC or worked at a makeup counter; but this class sounded like it was right up my alley. As I sat in this classroom with other artists; some who were veterans such as me, and some that were much newer to the industry eager to hear that this career was a good choice. I watched and listened as this man, Michael DeVellis told his story. In just a few moments I knew that this moment was totally on purpose; a pivotal moment in my life; I felt it down to my toes.

As he went down his list of words he got to LONG-SHOT and a tear literally came to my eye… no wait, maybe it was just dirt… nope, it was a tear. My memoir had just released in October and THAT was a long-shot for me, to put myself, my life out there in the raw bare bones to help others… so this word rung in my ears VERY loudly. At the end of the class I stood in line to meet him, I figured I would introduce myself but had no idea as I walked up and handed him a card what I would say. I told him I was an inspirational speaker/author/makeup artist of 22 years and proceeded to say… I love what you are doing, so here’s MY long-shot… I would LOVE to be a part of this… of this thing you are doing in a bigger way. He shook my hand, took my card and listened to what I had to say. 

Since then, I was chosen to attend "Evolution", another event by this “group” that was held in my home state of Massachusetts, the same week I had a book signing in my hometown . It was awesome, and I was so happy to be there and connect in ways I cannot even explain with 19 other artists that shared my love and passion of being a makeup artist. I recently attended his TEN-WORDS event once again… just as a reminder that there ARE people like me… who share that love… who love to inspire and support others in this ever changing career. 

The reason I am sharing this story with my readers, some who may be fellow makeup artists, and many of you who I know that are not, is this...

What is YOUR long-shot? What is it that you would love to do, be a part of, what dream would you  love to come true? We all have something that we wish for, hope for, would LOVE to make happen if obstacles or life did not get in the way. Many great people had a long-shot that they went for... a chance they took when nobody believed they could do it; writing my book and becoming a published author was certainly one of mine. Long-Shots CAN become a reality, but only if you take that chance, take the steps and JUST GO FOR IT! Obstacles are not excuses, they are merely objects...circumstances that we must to overcome in order to achieve our dreams!

Have a great weekend, be safe... 


Monday, June 10, 2013

Project Dedication: Muscles and Tans and Bikinis Oh My!

When opportunities knock why not take them? That's what I always say anyway, so when the opportunity came up for me to get involved as a makeup artist with the Tampa Classic, a level 3 bodybuilding/bikini/physique competition which was held this past Saturday, I said, sure... why not?!

Although I have created looks for bikini models and fitness models many times before, I have never been involved nor have I been to an event like this. I knew above all that it would be interesting and if I could book just a few people to make paying for my "exclusivity" worth my while, I could network my way into future business and it would be a great experience. Little did I know the experience it would truly be! I have NEVER seen so many muscles in one place. From competitor's in their 20's to competitor's 60 and above, I saw enough men in Speedo and breast augmentations to last me a lifetime. These people live their lives to be not only fit and fabulous, but they come to show it off in a way that would make most of us blush. I was completely unaware of the extreme and was quite fascinated at the dedication to say the least. It has always been unreal to me how the human body can be formed into this massive collection of muscles, but to see it in person brought a whole new perspective to it. I only wish I had been able to escape from my duties long enough to take more photos.

Beyond the muscles was a massive amount of spray tanning. It was honestly hard to tell what nationality anyone was because quite frankly, they were all sprayed to be the same color. I understand that tanned skin is more attractive than white skin and shows off muscle definition... but this event brought it to a whole new level. I met white girls who at first second and third glance appeared to be bleached-blonde African American women. Even the African American competitor's were pray tanned, and I just couldn't help having flashbacks of Something About Mary throughout the entire day. I am sure that under the bright stage lights these ridiculously tanned, toned, oiled up bodies looked amazing, but what amazed me, was the thickness, stickiness and flaking of the layers of tanning solution these competitors are asked to endure. It was a nice challenge as a makeup artist to match these tanned bodies and to apply foundation onto faces that were tacky and flaking with spray tan residue. I bet the first thing many of them do is soak in a tub or exfoliate the devil out of their skin just so they can breathe and stop smelling that smell... (you know the spray tan smell I am speaking of) I seriously have a whole new level of respect for these people way beyond the grueling workouts and eating nothing but fish, chicken and hard boiled eggs for 6 months.

My admin girl and dear friend Tina helped me rock our makeup booth, and considering that I had laryngitis for the first half of the day she happily and successfully dominated the early conversations for me. We had our girls and several of those around us laughing most of the day and well into the evening. There was a little Asian guy in the booth next to us selling high protein low-carb oatmeal and bread. We heard his sales pitch so many times that I told him that if he needed to use the restroom I could take over without a hitch. He laughed hysterically as I pitched his products to him in an Asian accent. If only it had been Gluten and dairy free I could have actually sampled it! It was a VERY long day and by the end of the night I was honestly a bit delirious, but the networking was priceless. I was approached by 4 coaches, 2 trainers, 3 production companies and a HUGE spray tan company interested in me traveling to other shows, so it looks like this paid off beyond putting a big smile on my 5 competitors.

Then to cap the night, I found out that one of my girls took second place in her bikini class and well... when she told me thank you and that "she felt beautiful" I got that warm fuzzy feeling that my industry allows me to feel ALL of the time... and to think I have had people say to me, "Don't you want to get a REAL job?"

Well... umm, sorry to disappoint anyone, but my heart tells me that this career is about as REAL as it gets! 

Love what you do and it will love you back!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beware of Butt Biting Bees!

I had my Friday blog all planned out, I was going to post it late last night as I always do to kick off the weekend, but after the chain of events that happened yesterday I found that waking up extra early to write a new post was necessary and would start your weekend with a laugh and perhaps make you feel better about how your week went. So here I sit at 5:00 am.

I have been preparing all week for an event today... The Tampa Bay Classic, a body building/fitness/bikini competition. I am doing makeup for a handful of the competitors. Yesterday was nuts... phone calls, to-do lists and set up for the event. My day started at 6:30 a.m. as usual, it was the kid's last day of school and I had to send them off first thing. After they left I quickly began tackling my LONG to do list knowing knowing they would be home at noon... early release day. My voice was already cracking from all the talking I had done this week, and although my vocal chords were screaming for me to just shut up...  it was impossible with all the people I had to talk to. Around 10:00 I had no voice, I was struggling to get sound and hot tea and coffee were not helping. "Great" I thought, "no voice the day before a networking event." UGH. "Okay, just keep going" I said to myself. The kids got home and Abrielle was very tired... so I put her down for a nap. (which ruined my plan to make a run to the store) "Oh well... move on!" 

About 1:00 I get a text asking me to call my friend Heather, a friend who had a few weeks prior tentatively booked me for her 12 year old's birthday party to come do a makeup lesson and doll up 7 pre-teens before their night out. Being that I had not heard from her since we initially spoke, I had assumed it was not happening (never assume) Her sweet voice answered the call and she said "Are we still on for today?" I immediately thought to myself... OMG! and I explained that I thought it was cancelled. I quickly kicked myself into problem solving mode and devised a plan to make it happen. I jumped in the shower to get ready and headed her way at about 3:00 with Abrielle and Baleigh in the car. Being that the a/c in my car is not working right now, I had my windows down. As we are driving along I hear a buzz and something hits me in the head. I immediately thought BUG! SO I swatted at my head waved my hands around me and wiggled like a kid that was about to pee their pants all while trying to stay on the road. It FREAKED me out but I did not find anything. "Okay... moment over stay focused on the tasks."

We arrive at my friends house and I lug my gear in to 7 very anxious and giddy girls. It is now nearing 4:00. I had to leave by 5:15  in order to meet Corey so he could take Abrielle home with him, (Baleigh was one of the birthday party attendees) As I get through the door, I feel a tickle in the seat of my pants... I reach down and something stings the devil out of me, I freak... and scramble in my pants and out flies a yellow jacket. OUCH! (obviously the thing that flew in my window) My butt starts to throb I pop two Benadryl since I am typically allergic to bees, and I carry on. I am on a time schedule!

 I start applying pastel eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss on the girls one at a time while explaining to them that less is more and how to be sanitary with their makeup tools to avoid getting cooties. They were loving it.  It was so cute to hear how they complimented each other and watching them get giddy as they looked at how pretty they looked in the mirror. (my butt still throbbing) I finished up, cleaned my brushes and packed up my gear. I was out the door by 5:15. About ten minutes later I met Corey at a 7-11 around the corner that was on  my way to the venue I had to go to. We made the exchange, and I get back in my car... now officially running late. I look left, I look right and proceed to slowly back out of my spot and BAMMM! I hit a car that was in  my blind spot directly behind me. UGH!!!!!!!! Are you KIDDING ME?
I get out and explain myself, he feels sorry for me because I have no voice and we exchange info. Damage to my car was worse, but both cars suffered minor damage. What did I do? I laughed, smiled and carried on. I arrived at the venue safe and sound, went in, set up, did one trial on a competitor and drove home. As I pulled into my driveway at 10:00 pm, I sat in the car for a few minutes laughing... not even believing the day I had just had. But, through it all I managed to stay pretty calm... only slightly shaken. It was then that I realized how much better I have gotten at how I allow things to affect me and I must admit, it has made my life more peaceful.

What a way to kick off my weekend eh? Well... it could have been worse! The lesson here is this...

The unexpected will always happen, therefore it's not actually unexpected. Prepare your mind for days like this, stay strong and know that it's just another day and tomorrow will be a fresh start. Crap happens... and we just have to keep going and keep our mind on the goal. Oh! And when you are in your car with your window down... beware of butt biting bees! I am convinced... ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that these things happen to me so I can write for you, so do me a favor and share my crazy life with others!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mrs. Fancy Pants

We have all met her, the kind of woman that walks into a room, a store, or simply on the street with labels from head to toe, nose in the air, sarcastic swing in her step, merely connecting with people peripherally with the intent of making sure that everyone is looking at her. As she prances, she hopes to make a strong statement of "I am important look at me and you will see." The sad thing is, that the average good person can spot them a mile away and know that they are not that fun and fluffy to be around; in fact unless you are just like them, the chances of your feelings being hurt or being left with the feeling of not being "up to par" are pretty high because they LOVE to belittle people and make others feel bad about themselves.

I met someone like this recently and had her psychologically "shrunk" as soon as I saw her "perfect" outfit complimented by her "perfect" accessories... shoes, necklace, earrings and purse and her perfect blonde hair. She looked like a Michael Kors store threw up on her. (Take note that this is coming from someone who makes a living on beauty and fashion) Sad thing is, that I was attending a wedding dress fitting for a VERY dear friend of mine and, Mrs. Fancy Pants was also attending the same fitting. Opinions? Well OF COURSE she had one, on everything! (In her defense so did I, although I truly cared more about what my friend... the bride felt.) 

The sales force left a lot to be desired as one of the associates in particular who greeted us wanted to clock out and stated that my friend could not try on dresses because they were short staffed (once she clocked out to go home that is) It was 7:00, they closed at 9:00, it was a weeknight and my friend was told earlier that day when she tried on dresses without us there, that she could come back after 5:00 to show us the dresses she tried on without having to schedule an appointment. Fact be known, you typically get nowhere with rude... Successful Negotiations 101,  however Mrs. Fancy Pants proceeded to be rude and also let everyone know that she had "Managed a Michael Kors store" and knew ALL about customer service and this was "blasphemous." (HA!  I KNEW it! A Michael Kors store DID throw up on her!) I must admit, I agreed... it was stupid and poor customer service for such a prestigious place but stern, logical kindness worked better... (thank goodness I was there to help.) We managed to negotiate successfully... "rude sales person" went home like she wanted, one of the other two associates helped us with the dresses, and Mrs. Fancy pants was very proud her Michael Kors story worked (cough) I let her think that's what did it, she obviously needed the boost to her lack of self-esteem. We managed to get through it, the bride decided she needed to keep looking, called it an evening and proceeded to have dinner out without Mrs. Fancy Pants thank goodness... I would have needed a drink!

 My moral to this story?

DON'T be a Mrs. or Mr. Fancy Pants... it's really not becoming. People (including me) are more apt to talk to you if you shop bargain racks and go digging for good finds at thrift stores in wealthy neighborhoods why? Because THAT'S logical, thrifty and clever and you will be more likely to die a millionaire; not to mention that you can put a great person in inexpensive clothes and they will still be a great person; but if you take Mrs. Fancy pants out of her labels she has nothing left. 
I am SO proud of the fact that....
I just appreciate the QUALITY of good stitching!


Monday, June 3, 2013

It Was a Wavy-Hair Kind of Day...

Gosh... where do I even begin? I have so much to talk about... to say... to share especially since it was yet again one of those weeks last week where I was so busy my head nearly fell off keeping me from being able to blog on my regular schedule. One of these days maybe I will get 3 blogs ahead or have a "blog bank" to borrow from when I have weeks like that. (although since I tend to live in the moment that's kinda not my style.) Okay, getting distracted already. F-O-C-U-S!

Okay so back on topic... it was a wavy-hair kind of day; you know, the kind of day when you are too tired to do much of anything because of the week you just had, yet you have to get ready just a "little bit" because you have to show your face in public with all the errands you have to do (you never know who you may meet) Yep... today was that kind of Monday. In the past three days (not including today) I painted the face of a mermaid, knocked out 6 looks on a beauty model, attended an industry networking event and a business class in Orlando, returned about a million phone calls which included my norm of giving out tons of advice and drove roughly 13 hours between these freelance makeup jobs and industry events. Driving gives you A LOT of time to think, to reflect, and to focus on everything but the road... (oops did I just admit that?) and quite frankly I LOVE driving for that reason. Since I don't get much down time, when I am in my car alone, I often leave the radio off or turn it down low enough to merely trickle in the background. This allows important thoughts to come to the forefront of this buzzing brain of mine. (Thank God for note pads and phones that record voice when these thoughts occur).

As I was driving, I was thinking of the things that I have accomplished, I thought of both negative and positive things that have happened to me over the years and how they played a significant part in my life and literally changed who I was then to who I am now. I thought of how much time I have left to create new and exciting goals that I can reach, and I thought of how amazing it has been to receive emails, tweets, texts, phone calls and Facebook posts about how my story; which I have now shared with the world, has changed and affected people's lives for the better. (I think that has been the most rewarding thing of my entire life so far.) The time I had in my car alone was simply put... priceless. Even if I was on the road with no destination at all, it would have been well worth the gas that was guzzled. (only $75 for all of those miles thanks to my trusty little stick-shift PT Cruiser )

Today, I woke up with many thoughts in my head; some good, some not so pleasant and I felt both tired and refreshed if that even makes sense. After my nice warm shower (another thinking spot for me) I started to dry my hair... and just as soon as I grabbed the round brush to start laboring like a sweat shop girl to get my hair nice and smooth, I decided to leave that brush alone and let it go natural and "voila" it suddenly became a wavy-hair kind of day and this blog idea was born. As I began scrunching it; (for the guys that means gently squeezing the water out as you dry your hair in a way that enhances natural wave or curl)... I realized I had forgotten how wavy my hair really was because I blow-dry it straight every single day altering how it is in its natural state. I thought to myself... "my wave is kind of nice and I am pretty lucky to have it" and of course my weird-a$$ mind gave me a moral to this story; so here it goes...

As we go through life... we are constantly altering who we are in order to please and be accepted by other people. Some people go as far as to lie and deceive to make this happen. Well... over the past few years I got back in touch of who I REALLY AM and it has been the most wonderful change that has occurred. When you are true to yourself... to who YOU REALLY are you can truly be a blessing to others because your energy is no longer focused on pretending. When you pretend... or alter who you are, you forget who you are and where you come from... and THAT is the moral of my story today.


I think that perhaps I will be having more wavy-hair kinda days in my future just to show that I am proud of who I am in ALL ways! How about joining me in that?

If you want to see my wavy hair just click this link to my Insta-gram since I am technically challenged and have no clue how to save these photos to my computer! HA 

Have a great night/day/morning depending where you are in this world!