Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's a Long-Shot but Someone Will Surely Do It

Once upon a time, just about a year ago… I was a makeup artist hoping to stay inspired in something that I loved; to reach out and meet other people who shared the love of makeup and perhaps even meet a few people who shared my love of making others feel good about themselves; to share what makes them who they are, what they want to become and how they plan to get there. Sometimes, it can be a lonely world, because many people in the “normal” daily grind just don’t get this kind of passion… this kind of love.

Artists… they are quirky, precise, anal, obsessive, compulsive, scattered, spirited, fun and often broken… yet passionately focused not only on what they love AT THAT MOMENT, but have an undying love for beauty,  the art of expression, of emotions and acceptance of others in every aspect of life. 22 years after starting my career, I am still in love… it’s the longest love affair I have ever had… and I KNEW there had to be people who shared the same love. Diamonds in the rough, needles in the haystack that we may be… I needed to find them; it became a quest.

November 13, 2012… The Makeup Show Orlando; something that I had heard of but never had the ability to attend… it was always out of state and I was a single mom with no family around working my buns off for years to make ends meet; not an excuse… just a fact. I finally had the money and time to attend; it was coming to Orlando for the first time… only an hour and a half away. I rearranged schedules last minute and even entered their photo contest and became a finalist. My hope was to soak up some knowledge or simply add to my already inspired outlook on what I did for a living, because despite how up and down the career could be… I loved every moment as long as I was creating, learning, putting smiles on people’s faces and sharing my knowledge, strength and wisdom with others around me who cared to listen.

I sat in on a class called “Ten-Words” taught by a man I had never heard of… probably because I had never really used MAC or worked at a makeup counter; but this class sounded like it was right up my alley. As I sat in this classroom with other artists; some who were veterans such as me, and some that were much newer to the industry eager to hear that this career was a good choice. I watched and listened as this man, Michael DeVellis told his story. In just a few moments I knew that this moment was totally on purpose; a pivotal moment in my life; I felt it down to my toes.

As he went down his list of words he got to LONG-SHOT and a tear literally came to my eye… no wait, maybe it was just dirt… nope, it was a tear. My memoir had just released in October and THAT was a long-shot for me, to put myself, my life out there in the raw bare bones to help others… so this word rung in my ears VERY loudly. At the end of the class I stood in line to meet him, I figured I would introduce myself but had no idea as I walked up and handed him a card what I would say. I told him I was an inspirational speaker/author/makeup artist of 22 years and proceeded to say… I love what you are doing, so here’s MY long-shot… I would LOVE to be a part of this… of this thing you are doing in a bigger way. He shook my hand, took my card and listened to what I had to say. 

Since then, I was chosen to attend "Evolution", another event by this “group” that was held in my home state of Massachusetts, the same week I had a book signing in my hometown . It was awesome, and I was so happy to be there and connect in ways I cannot even explain with 19 other artists that shared my love and passion of being a makeup artist. I recently attended his TEN-WORDS event once again… just as a reminder that there ARE people like me… who share that love… who love to inspire and support others in this ever changing career. 

The reason I am sharing this story with my readers, some who may be fellow makeup artists, and many of you who I know that are not, is this...

What is YOUR long-shot? What is it that you would love to do, be a part of, what dream would you  love to come true? We all have something that we wish for, hope for, would LOVE to make happen if obstacles or life did not get in the way. Many great people had a long-shot that they went for... a chance they took when nobody believed they could do it; writing my book and becoming a published author was certainly one of mine. Long-Shots CAN become a reality, but only if you take that chance, take the steps and JUST GO FOR IT! Obstacles are not excuses, they are merely objects...circumstances that we must to overcome in order to achieve our dreams!

Have a great weekend, be safe...