Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When Push Comes to Shove... DON'T SHOVE

Have you ever asked yourself, ; "When push comes to shove.... what does this mean anyway?"

Okay so maybe you haven't, but being the person that I am... I have! And as always, asking myself questions like this leads me to valuable lessons which makes me want to share them with you. (perhaps that makes you the lucky one, or maybe makes me the weird one.)

So... what does this phrase mean to me?... well,  it simply states that there will be moments in life when you will want to shove rather than push. What I find interesting (and why I finished the phrase) is that it is open ended... it is used giving you the choice to push or shove. "Well, what's the difference, and why does it matter?" You ask. Here is your answer:

When you shove, you are acting with anger, frustration, aggression; it's an emotional response with a negative tone. Push is a more gentle response, a response that describes strength. Although it can be negative as well,(I pushed him over the edge with my behavior) it is generally a more positive word by nature. It is so easy when  "push comes to shove" moments come into play in our lives to just flip a gasket and SHOVE it all out of the way, to act in anger, aggression, haste, not caring what the repercussions may be. However, this typically solves nothing and leaves a lot of room for regret. It's irrational, and simply not the best way to handle things. I am guilty of this and I am sure you are as well. (Unless you lie to yourself)

We all must remind ourselves to PUSH through, PUSH forward, and to PUSH things aside in order to move on. It's more productive, more positive and more effective in the long run.

Remember this post next time you have a "moment"

When faced with your next 
"When push comes to shove situation" 
NEVER act in anger, stop, think and PUSH through it!