Monday, June 3, 2013

It Was a Wavy-Hair Kind of Day...

Gosh... where do I even begin? I have so much to talk about... to say... to share especially since it was yet again one of those weeks last week where I was so busy my head nearly fell off keeping me from being able to blog on my regular schedule. One of these days maybe I will get 3 blogs ahead or have a "blog bank" to borrow from when I have weeks like that. (although since I tend to live in the moment that's kinda not my style.) Okay, getting distracted already. F-O-C-U-S!

Okay so back on topic... it was a wavy-hair kind of day; you know, the kind of day when you are too tired to do much of anything because of the week you just had, yet you have to get ready just a "little bit" because you have to show your face in public with all the errands you have to do (you never know who you may meet) Yep... today was that kind of Monday. In the past three days (not including today) I painted the face of a mermaid, knocked out 6 looks on a beauty model, attended an industry networking event and a business class in Orlando, returned about a million phone calls which included my norm of giving out tons of advice and drove roughly 13 hours between these freelance makeup jobs and industry events. Driving gives you A LOT of time to think, to reflect, and to focus on everything but the road... (oops did I just admit that?) and quite frankly I LOVE driving for that reason. Since I don't get much down time, when I am in my car alone, I often leave the radio off or turn it down low enough to merely trickle in the background. This allows important thoughts to come to the forefront of this buzzing brain of mine. (Thank God for note pads and phones that record voice when these thoughts occur).

As I was driving, I was thinking of the things that I have accomplished, I thought of both negative and positive things that have happened to me over the years and how they played a significant part in my life and literally changed who I was then to who I am now. I thought of how much time I have left to create new and exciting goals that I can reach, and I thought of how amazing it has been to receive emails, tweets, texts, phone calls and Facebook posts about how my story; which I have now shared with the world, has changed and affected people's lives for the better. (I think that has been the most rewarding thing of my entire life so far.) The time I had in my car alone was simply put... priceless. Even if I was on the road with no destination at all, it would have been well worth the gas that was guzzled. (only $75 for all of those miles thanks to my trusty little stick-shift PT Cruiser )

Today, I woke up with many thoughts in my head; some good, some not so pleasant and I felt both tired and refreshed if that even makes sense. After my nice warm shower (another thinking spot for me) I started to dry my hair... and just as soon as I grabbed the round brush to start laboring like a sweat shop girl to get my hair nice and smooth, I decided to leave that brush alone and let it go natural and "voila" it suddenly became a wavy-hair kind of day and this blog idea was born. As I began scrunching it; (for the guys that means gently squeezing the water out as you dry your hair in a way that enhances natural wave or curl)... I realized I had forgotten how wavy my hair really was because I blow-dry it straight every single day altering how it is in its natural state. I thought to myself... "my wave is kind of nice and I am pretty lucky to have it" and of course my weird-a$$ mind gave me a moral to this story; so here it goes...

As we go through life... we are constantly altering who we are in order to please and be accepted by other people. Some people go as far as to lie and deceive to make this happen. Well... over the past few years I got back in touch of who I REALLY AM and it has been the most wonderful change that has occurred. When you are true to yourself... to who YOU REALLY are you can truly be a blessing to others because your energy is no longer focused on pretending. When you pretend... or alter who you are, you forget who you are and where you come from... and THAT is the moral of my story today.


I think that perhaps I will be having more wavy-hair kinda days in my future just to show that I am proud of who I am in ALL ways! How about joining me in that?

If you want to see my wavy hair just click this link to my Insta-gram since I am technically challenged and have no clue how to save these photos to my computer! HA 

Have a great night/day/morning depending where you are in this world!