Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day... It's Not About Hamburgers, and Intoxication

Sometimes I have to chuckle... and often admittedly shake my head as we Americans "celebrate" our national holidays. We fire up the grills, invite family and friends over, we eat, we head to the beach, we swim, we drink, we get drunk, we fall down. (generally speaking) What typically fails to happen is the actual true moment of remembrance; the moment of true purpose of the holiday we are "celebrating". Memorial day is one of those holidays when we spend the entire weekend beforehand participating in these festivities and often forget the true meaning of the day. Although I suppose since it is also the kick off to the summer season I can cut people some slack. Don't get me wrong, I did not write this post to piss anyone off or ruffle any drunken feathers... to each his own celebration; you are not wrong for having fun, and I am certainly not judging you. All I am calling attention to is the absence of respect for what this day truly stands for.

I have had and still have family members and friends who fight for what this country prides itself in and I like to take this day to remember them for what they gave to us. It is a selfless act of valor and SHOULD be celebrated. They leave their families, spend months and even years away in a land that becomes their new home to GIVE US a gift we often take advantage of. I am guilty of taking it for granted myself and often think I would like to go somewhere that does not have the freedom we have to REALLY put things into perspective for me. Until then... I will use weekends and days such as this to remember those who fight and those who have lost their lives while fighting for me and my children. God blessed us with these men and women and for that I am truly thankful.

As you fire up those grills, ice those beers and laugh and enjoy your friends and family, (as you should) have at least 3 minutes of silent remembrance for the brave soldiers near and far. Thanks to ALL of those who serve for me and for our country... YOUR EFFORTS and DEDICATION ARE APPRECIATED! Here's to a safe, happy and memorial weekend!