Thursday, May 2, 2013

What It Means to Just "Chill"

It's been 12 days since my last blog! I was out of town on business unable to get online to connect with my audience and although my initial reaction was to panic, I decided to embrace the rare occasion of forced unplugging. I had an amazing time   even though travel kicked me right in the buttocks; I returned home with sniffles and what felt like a bowling ball rolling around in my head. Last night, as I sat staring at my computer screen trying to bang out a blog, I could not focus; my mind was on a roller coaster ride of all the things I learned, shared, needed to do and what is to come in the very near future. Just like everything in life... that down time was meant to be... in my case the calm before an incredibly exciting storm. I have spent my evenings this week just enjoying my children, my handsome significant other, all of whom I missed while I was gone and it has been awesome... and weird because it is SO unlike me to just CHILL!

I have worked since I was 13... full-time in my career since the age of 17; and have truly NEVER stopped. Never took more than three weeks for maternity leave; (with my last two it was less than that) and went 8 years without a vacation of ANY kind. I feel like I have spent the last hundred years of my 39 year old life  making, shaking, cooking and cleaning not only the bacon, but all it's greasy friends. The one thing I did NOT quite know how to do was relax. I did this a lot last week, as I sat in my hotel room with an unplugged TV no phone or internet... listening to myself breathe. I suddenly realized just how important to our well-being this exercise truly is. I consider myself a health and wellness nerd, yet I have failed for years to do what is probably the MOST important of all and that is GET SOME REST. I am happy to announce that I went to bed three nights in a row before 10:00pm! (that's history folks... never happens!)

I apologize... this is a short blog, because my head still feels like it's going to explode any minute, but I wanted to share this thought with you before the weekend hits.

If you are a rat on a wheel like me, someone who finds it hard not to feel guilty when you sit and do nothing... please realize like I did, that this time is necessary to clear your head, to focus on what's important and to push forward in everything you want to accomplish. Learn from your quiet time, embrace relaxation and don't EVER feel guilty for taking time for YOU! (If you have never had a problem doing this just humor me and pretend you learned something! HAHA!)


A photo I took in Provincetown Massachusetts last week... 
what a  BEAUTIFUL and peaceful place!