Sunday, April 21, 2013

In the Heart of Massachusetts...

Man... it sure feels good to be back home... the state I never wanted to leave; the one I still love to come back to. No matter how long I am away, when I return, the comfort I feel surrounds me like a blanket on a cold winter night. Although the tragedy of the Boston Marathon made for an interesting first day back, being able to watch local news and see everything unfold in REAL time was a moment now in history that I am now a part of... that certainly doesn't happen everyday, and being that I NEVER watch the news, it will be something I will always remember watching.

Tomorrow I will catch a flight to head over to Provincetown for an exclusive 5 day makeup training called Evolution; I was lucky enough to be one of only 20 makeup artists in the country chosen to go and I am SO STOKED! After a very eventful week, I feel that a heap of creative juice flow will really do me some good.

At the beginning of my week I was creating looks for Glyn Dewis at Photoshop World Orlando 2013. We had a Top Gun themed key note this year; in my opinion the best one since we did Project Photoshop a few years back. I  hated missing my favorite parts but I had to drive back to Tampa to a sick child.

My daughter Abrielle was admitted to the hospital earlier this week but luckily got to go home yesterday. A three year old in the hospital with Pneumonia was a bit scary and unnerving; especially knowing that I was going away for 12 days on business.
Thank GOD she is home doing MUCH better! I am so thankful for my Mom, who stepped right into Mommy mode in my absence spending 3 sleepless nights by her bedside, (Thanks Mom you ROCK!) I am also incredibly lucky to have such wonderful friends who stepped in to take care of my other two children, Corey... who is now with them at home and for those who offered help that I ended up not needing. They say it takes a village and I truly feel that I have the greatest village ever!

I have had a great time so far in Mass and it is just getting started. I have a fun-filled week ahead and I will be sure to keep you posted as much as I can (depending on WI-FI service) If there is one thing I can say tonight, it's that when you are away from home you really miss and appreciate what's waiting for you when you return. I am happy and excited to be traveling with my career because it's what I've always wanted... but that does not mean I don't get homesick because let's face it... I have a pretty cool gig back home. The lesson tonight to take away is this...

We can always complain. We can piss and moan about what we hate in our lives, we can wish for vacations away, and our kids and spouses can get on our very last nerve... but when you don't have your kids tugging at your legs, your husband or wife kissing you at night and the monotony of your daily routine, you will definitely miss it when it's a good thing. Learn to appreciate what you have and when you want more? Well... just GO GET IT!

Have a great night everyone! Best wishes for a terrific Sunday!