Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HAIR is Your Glory... That's my Story

Hair is your Glory....

Or at least that is what I have heard, and although this had nothing to do with me becoming a stylist, I like to know that I am part of something glorious. However, I am going to share that after 22 years of being a stylist, that not ALL hair is glorious, or beautiful... in fact it can be quite hideous!

What spun this topic?  Let's just say there are certain things that will give you a new outlook on hair.

When I started my career 22 years ago I knew that making people pretty would make them feel good which in turn would give me the warm fuzzies too... it's why I chose to do it. Little did I know that I would come to know my clients "hairy" business in areas other than their head and face. I was fortunate enough to be spared the "not so glorious" parts of hair dressing and grooming for 17 years... good thing because I may have quit if I had been a rookie. But I have a few funny stories to share of course using NO names... my clients are my family and I would NEVER EVER throw them under the bus, even if they would do it to me!

The first "encounter" I had was with a very dear client and friend who had finally gotten back into the dating world after a bad divorce. I was SO happy for her and was a huge part of her overhaul from "soccer mom" to a sassy, fun lady ready to paint the town bright red. It was like being a proud Mom watching her blossom into who she had always been but had fallen into the "mommy role" so much so that she lost who SHE was.
(Happens all of the time)

So... she had gone on several dates with a particular man and thought she may need to clean up her bikini area for a beach trip. She was quite modest and asked me to do it for her. I loved her SO much but SWORE on my eventual grave that I would NEVER ever go "downtown" for grooming duties on ANYONE! Well... lucky for her my grave had not been dug and I caved in... I wanted to help her so badly so I sucked it up and performed my first (and only) bikini wax. It nearly scarred me for life! (Good thing I love that lady even to this day, and we have chuckled about it in hindsight.)

My next realization that hair could be the most hideous thing EVER was when I began doing more men's hair, many of whom had tendrils growing from their ears
like vines; I mean seriously I could have braided some! Although very few would actually ASK me to trim the hair that was growing out of their ears like potatoes; my OCD could  absolutely not let them leave without doing it and they always thanked me; typically saying not even their wives would do it. ICK! I still hate doing it but I would never let you walk around with broccoli in your teeth either so I use mind over matter, and it works.

Next stop? Well, of COURSE I would get a hairy back... like a tremendously hair, scary back. One of my good friends/clients had a new boat and had a "hot date" one beautiful Florida summer weekend. He would not come to the salon and allow the depilatory lady to do it being too embarrassed, (dissect that word for a minute it really explains how you feel) So... I was the lucky duck who was asked to do it in the solitude of my apartment kitchen. He asked me what to bring? I said beer... because I knew it was going to hurt, and it did. In fact, my two oldest daughter's rolled in laughter as he screamed every time I ripped a strip from his back. Poor  guy, I was laughing so hard tears were rolling, but hey... beauty is pain and this was a HARD lesson in that!  I was a good friend/stylist; I iced him down afterwards and rubbed antibiotic cream on his tender bald back so he could be beautiful for his hot boat date. I will never forget the text he sent me saying.. and I quote "my back looks SO sexy in the mirror"  It made me smile knowing I made him feel sexy.

The moral of this story is...
(Yes, of course I can find inspiration in this!)

You never know what you will do to make someone feel good about themselves until you are faced with the problem at hand. It really builds your character when you can put YOUR feelings on the back burner and just think of the other person and what it will do for THEM!

I can say that I have been downtown, in the ears, up the nose, across the back and under the arms and have lived to tell about it; however the day I get asked to take care of a hairy hiney will be the day I retire with dignity!

Rock the rest of your week!