Saturday, June 8, 2013

Beware of Butt Biting Bees!

I had my Friday blog all planned out, I was going to post it late last night as I always do to kick off the weekend, but after the chain of events that happened yesterday I found that waking up extra early to write a new post was necessary and would start your weekend with a laugh and perhaps make you feel better about how your week went. So here I sit at 5:00 am.

I have been preparing all week for an event today... The Tampa Bay Classic, a body building/fitness/bikini competition. I am doing makeup for a handful of the competitors. Yesterday was nuts... phone calls, to-do lists and set up for the event. My day started at 6:30 a.m. as usual, it was the kid's last day of school and I had to send them off first thing. After they left I quickly began tackling my LONG to do list knowing knowing they would be home at noon... early release day. My voice was already cracking from all the talking I had done this week, and although my vocal chords were screaming for me to just shut up...  it was impossible with all the people I had to talk to. Around 10:00 I had no voice, I was struggling to get sound and hot tea and coffee were not helping. "Great" I thought, "no voice the day before a networking event." UGH. "Okay, just keep going" I said to myself. The kids got home and Abrielle was very tired... so I put her down for a nap. (which ruined my plan to make a run to the store) "Oh well... move on!" 

About 1:00 I get a text asking me to call my friend Heather, a friend who had a few weeks prior tentatively booked me for her 12 year old's birthday party to come do a makeup lesson and doll up 7 pre-teens before their night out. Being that I had not heard from her since we initially spoke, I had assumed it was not happening (never assume) Her sweet voice answered the call and she said "Are we still on for today?" I immediately thought to myself... OMG! and I explained that I thought it was cancelled. I quickly kicked myself into problem solving mode and devised a plan to make it happen. I jumped in the shower to get ready and headed her way at about 3:00 with Abrielle and Baleigh in the car. Being that the a/c in my car is not working right now, I had my windows down. As we are driving along I hear a buzz and something hits me in the head. I immediately thought BUG! SO I swatted at my head waved my hands around me and wiggled like a kid that was about to pee their pants all while trying to stay on the road. It FREAKED me out but I did not find anything. "Okay... moment over stay focused on the tasks."

We arrive at my friends house and I lug my gear in to 7 very anxious and giddy girls. It is now nearing 4:00. I had to leave by 5:15  in order to meet Corey so he could take Abrielle home with him, (Baleigh was one of the birthday party attendees) As I get through the door, I feel a tickle in the seat of my pants... I reach down and something stings the devil out of me, I freak... and scramble in my pants and out flies a yellow jacket. OUCH! (obviously the thing that flew in my window) My butt starts to throb I pop two Benadryl since I am typically allergic to bees, and I carry on. I am on a time schedule!

 I start applying pastel eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss on the girls one at a time while explaining to them that less is more and how to be sanitary with their makeup tools to avoid getting cooties. They were loving it.  It was so cute to hear how they complimented each other and watching them get giddy as they looked at how pretty they looked in the mirror. (my butt still throbbing) I finished up, cleaned my brushes and packed up my gear. I was out the door by 5:15. About ten minutes later I met Corey at a 7-11 around the corner that was on  my way to the venue I had to go to. We made the exchange, and I get back in my car... now officially running late. I look left, I look right and proceed to slowly back out of my spot and BAMMM! I hit a car that was in  my blind spot directly behind me. UGH!!!!!!!! Are you KIDDING ME?
I get out and explain myself, he feels sorry for me because I have no voice and we exchange info. Damage to my car was worse, but both cars suffered minor damage. What did I do? I laughed, smiled and carried on. I arrived at the venue safe and sound, went in, set up, did one trial on a competitor and drove home. As I pulled into my driveway at 10:00 pm, I sat in the car for a few minutes laughing... not even believing the day I had just had. But, through it all I managed to stay pretty calm... only slightly shaken. It was then that I realized how much better I have gotten at how I allow things to affect me and I must admit, it has made my life more peaceful.

What a way to kick off my weekend eh? Well... it could have been worse! The lesson here is this...

The unexpected will always happen, therefore it's not actually unexpected. Prepare your mind for days like this, stay strong and know that it's just another day and tomorrow will be a fresh start. Crap happens... and we just have to keep going and keep our mind on the goal. Oh! And when you are in your car with your window down... beware of butt biting bees! I am convinced... ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that these things happen to me so I can write for you, so do me a favor and share my crazy life with others!