Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mrs. Fancy Pants

We have all met her, the kind of woman that walks into a room, a store, or simply on the street with labels from head to toe, nose in the air, sarcastic swing in her step, merely connecting with people peripherally with the intent of making sure that everyone is looking at her. As she prances, she hopes to make a strong statement of "I am important look at me and you will see." The sad thing is, that the average good person can spot them a mile away and know that they are not that fun and fluffy to be around; in fact unless you are just like them, the chances of your feelings being hurt or being left with the feeling of not being "up to par" are pretty high because they LOVE to belittle people and make others feel bad about themselves.

I met someone like this recently and had her psychologically "shrunk" as soon as I saw her "perfect" outfit complimented by her "perfect" accessories... shoes, necklace, earrings and purse and her perfect blonde hair. She looked like a Michael Kors store threw up on her. (Take note that this is coming from someone who makes a living on beauty and fashion) Sad thing is, that I was attending a wedding dress fitting for a VERY dear friend of mine and, Mrs. Fancy Pants was also attending the same fitting. Opinions? Well OF COURSE she had one, on everything! (In her defense so did I, although I truly cared more about what my friend... the bride felt.) 

The sales force left a lot to be desired as one of the associates in particular who greeted us wanted to clock out and stated that my friend could not try on dresses because they were short staffed (once she clocked out to go home that is) It was 7:00, they closed at 9:00, it was a weeknight and my friend was told earlier that day when she tried on dresses without us there, that she could come back after 5:00 to show us the dresses she tried on without having to schedule an appointment. Fact be known, you typically get nowhere with rude... Successful Negotiations 101,  however Mrs. Fancy Pants proceeded to be rude and also let everyone know that she had "Managed a Michael Kors store" and knew ALL about customer service and this was "blasphemous." (HA!  I KNEW it! A Michael Kors store DID throw up on her!) I must admit, I agreed... it was stupid and poor customer service for such a prestigious place but stern, logical kindness worked better... (thank goodness I was there to help.) We managed to negotiate successfully... "rude sales person" went home like she wanted, one of the other two associates helped us with the dresses, and Mrs. Fancy pants was very proud her Michael Kors story worked (cough) I let her think that's what did it, she obviously needed the boost to her lack of self-esteem. We managed to get through it, the bride decided she needed to keep looking, called it an evening and proceeded to have dinner out without Mrs. Fancy Pants thank goodness... I would have needed a drink!

 My moral to this story?

DON'T be a Mrs. or Mr. Fancy Pants... it's really not becoming. People (including me) are more apt to talk to you if you shop bargain racks and go digging for good finds at thrift stores in wealthy neighborhoods why? Because THAT'S logical, thrifty and clever and you will be more likely to die a millionaire; not to mention that you can put a great person in inexpensive clothes and they will still be a great person; but if you take Mrs. Fancy pants out of her labels she has nothing left. 
I am SO proud of the fact that....
I just appreciate the QUALITY of good stitching!