Monday, November 23, 2015

Focus, Faith and Future

As I cued up the instrumental music tonight, I wasn't quite sure what to write about... so I prayed. In mere moments, the word FOCUS stirred inside of me. Here I go, letting it flow, fingers to the keys, no forethought at all.


There are so many thoughts in my head that I can barely keep up with them. Focus is a constant battle. I make lists and then sub-lists just to get it all out and accomplished. As my good friend Will best describes me... " You have a Ferrari brain with Chevy brakes." That about sums it up, and it's no different today than it was yesterday, in fact, it may even be worse.

Many things in today's world demand our "focus" calling our immediate attention; or is it that we simply CHOOSE to give them the immediate attention that they DO NOT truly deserve? We are pulled so far away from where our focus should be...

GOD 1st, FAMILY 2nd, CAREER 3rd

That is what is written, it's what is REQUIRED to live a life of abundance, yet we struggle as we are pulled from living this way on a daily basis. It takes a lot of strength to live this trilogy of faith; I suppose that is why the reward is so great when we do.

This morning when I woke up with an overwhelming feeling to write, the urge was expressed in a status update on Facebook. Without any though at all, I opened my laptop and just wrote...

So often we look for happiness and fulfillment in things... in people... in actions, money and careers yet still feel empty, lonely, broken and defeated.
Simply put, we are looking in the wrong places.
Once you realize where to turn, who to surrender control to, and EXPERIENCE the wonder of God's grace for real, your heart and life will be filled in a way I can only describe through experience.
I have come a long way since my days of atheism; I did not even know that's what it was called. All I knew was that God had never been there for me... or so I thought. My life was a mess and I felt that if I was "His child" he wouldn't let my life fall apart.
In reality, He was always there. I had just never invited Him to walk with me, to guide me, to change me. Now that I have, my life has changed, my heart is filled even when it's empty and even when I fall; because I still do, I know by grabbing His hand in a tearful surrender, He will pick me up and carry me to a peaceful place.
Have a blessed Sunday knowing that you are never alone even in your loneliest moments and that you are blessed every day even when you don't notice.

All day, my mind swirled around in thought about what I wrote and I got a feeling inside that I need to shift my focus in a few areas of life. Then, one sentence in today's message at church confirmed that for me. Refocus is needed in many of our lives as we sacrifice things we should never sacrifice for things so insignificant, so undeserving. We don't even take moments to STOP and realize that it is leaving us empty inside. We repeat cycles expecting different outcomes when the results have already been proven and rarely change; we are in a comfortable denial.

We hold onto things for self serving reasons and call ourselves generous, we future pace our lives instead of handling the present, we avoid problems and issues causing them to multiply while focusing on what deserves the LEAST amount of our attention. We hurt ourselves, our lives, our present, our future and those around us. 

I have been working really hard lately on refocusing energy, but have failed in a few areas. Today I made a promise to myself, to future, to family and to the legacy that I hope to leave behind long after being gone. I will refocus in the areas of life where it's needed and put God 1st in everything. I have failed Him, but He does not fail me. Trying harder, sacrificing for Him, not for self service will allow Him to deliver the life He wants to give me. Where I fail, He will forgive, where I fall, he will pick me up and carry me when there is nothing left in me to walk. Putting my attention where it should be and leaving the rest alone is something that I will remind myself of every single day.

I encourage you to evaluate where your focus is... define what is sucking up all your energy and attention. Is it worthy of your attention? If it is, then make it a more significant part of your life, but if it's not, perhaps you should simply let it go. Get unstuck by shifting your focus and weeding out what is not helping you. Focus on the what is to be rather than the what is now or what has been before. Change is the most uncomfortable feeling there is and letting go of things is frightening... but at times it is the ONLY answer to reaching the next stage of life.

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