Sunday, November 17, 2013


I admit it... my head feels like it's going to explode, my nose cannot make up it's mind because one minute I sound like Darth Vader due to the lack of ability to breathe and the next minute I can't keep up with the waterfall of clear fluid dripping from my nasal cavity. Sorry for the not-so-pleasant mental picture, but I needed to stress my point that all I want to do right now is sleep; I DON'T want to think and write. HOWEVER... winners never quit and bloggers need to keep their audience happy by keeping their word. So, since I announced that I would continue to start your week off right, I had to spend this Sunday night getting my Monday blog post written; I am a girl of my word. If I don't do something I say then something has happened or I have simply forgotten because I did not write it on a list. If I forgot and you remind me, I will feel incredibly bad and likely not only do what I said I would but give a little extra... kind of like interest for not paying a bill on time. ( I forget things occasionally; likely when I have over-committed myself... just call me human.)

From time to time, a person pops up in my life who is disappointing, not too often because I have become a
pretty good judge, but once in a while my intuition is off and I put more into something than what it is worth. Water under the bridge I suppose, but I just don't get some people. They tell you that they will do something and even go as far as making plans with you, then cancel at the last minute, no show or disappear all together or habitually reschedule therefore allowing themselves another opportunity to reschedule, no show or disappear again. It's like the shampoo, rinse and repeat theory. CRAZY! I have decided to stop wasting my time trying to make time for the people in my life who don't value my friendship. Maybe I read something wrong, maybe they never wanted to do something in the first place, and seriously, I would have been completely fine with that. All they had to do was say... I don't really have the time and simply not make plans over and over just to let me down and make me wonder; that is just not nice. If anyone understands busy it's me, but the bottom line is that you make the time for those that are important to you and in this case actions have spoken louder and I am simply not that important to this person. I am cool with that and am happy that I get it now... frankly I am a little upset that I spent so much time supporting them when I could have been supporting someone who actually made me a priority too.

Okay... that's all I have tonight and quite frankly, we are both lucky that I even produced this much.

Much love, tons of hugs and remember.... 
I DID NOT WANT TO BLOG TONIGHT, but because YOU were important to me, 
I sucked it up (literally) and did it anyway! ;)



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