Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Struggles Within Yourself

Today is a "pour it all out" kind of day. I plan to bare the bones of how I am feeling right this very second with complete and utter transparency. With this, I hold no shame because I am human, and although I have chosen a platform of being inspirational and motivational to others, I am not immune to having struggles of my own; in fact the struggles that I have had and continue to have are what allow me to come to you with words of advice from my own stories of overcoming, and well... that is what makes me real and no different from you. What may make me different than you perhaps, is how openly I share my struggles with the world; which is a choice and it is because of that choice to spill my guts that I have been able to help many people who need a boost or who simply needed to know that they were not alone in feeling how they are feeling. Hearing what this has done for people has truly presented some the greatest moments in my career proving to me that teaching, writing, sharing and inspiring others is the path I am supposed to be on. What I am finding difficult is figuring out how to do this in a much bigger way. and that is where I feel STUCK.

If you follow my blog, you know that many good things have been happening in my life lately, especially in the way of my career. For that, I am thankful; however I am also feeling a bit scattered right now and am struggling to find focus. For years, I have planted seeds... in different gardens of talent although I find they are still somewhat connected. My hope was to prosper and find a direct connect with one of those talents more than the other at some point and be relentless at becoming the BEST at it. What I did not expect was for all of those gardens to flourish at once forcing me to make a decision on which path to take. Since that is exactly what is happening I am finding myself at a crossroad... I am feeling that I have the hardest decision that I have EVER had to make ahead of me right now and I must admit that this is making me nervous. When I was 20... I took leaps of faith with a blindfold on; no qualms about it, but as I am a month away from my 40th birthday I am feeling a bit more adult and somewhat intimidated by such an important decision. (I will probably chalk this up to a midlife crisis or hormonal breakdown and laugh at myself later on.)

If there is one thing that I have learned about myself it is that I can get ANYTHING done that I set my mind to. What I have also learned is that in order to get the BEST results, I must set my mind to only one thing at a time. Scrambling is great for making eggs but breakfast is not what I have on my plate. I must be careful not to overload myself being that I have the constant job of being a parent,  which is by far the most challenging career that I manage. SO >>>>>  as I am faced with some serious career decision making, planning and executing I ask that all of you put good vibes out for me... send some prayers up... and do whatever it is you do to help those that mean something to you... I am going to need the support from my friends and fans to make this shift.

I hope that you have an amazing Tuesday... Wednesday... Thursday and beyond. If you are struggling within yourself right now, do some soul searching. Make some lists of what you need to do and what you want to do. Write down your goals and devise a plan to reach them. Until you write it down, you can't FEEL it, you cannot ENVISION it nor can you BELIEVE in it. The key to reaching your goals is to commit to doing whatever it takes, and more often than not you will be tossed WAY outside your comfort zone in order to make your dreams a reality. As I spend the next few weeks planning and deciding... I expect to be scared, I expect to be anxious and I expect to be emotional... luckily I have been there before and know that in the end it will more than likely be worth it.


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