Sunday, April 27, 2014

Live The Dream... I DARE you!

We have ALL heard people say it, and have probably said it ourselves; or at least thought it...

"I am living the dream" 
"I want to live the dream"

I remember years ago when I thought this myself. I was getting ready to graduate high school as a licensed Cosmetologist. My "dream" at that time was to become a world renowned hairstylist that traveled the world and also to open a chain of successful salons. I wanted to be independently wealthy one day and knew that having a "JOB" and working for someone else was never going to give that to me. You see, I grew up with parents who worked for themselves, who had their own business and the benefits of that were ingrained into my head from as early as I can remember. We attended private school before my sister died, and we knew what was "important" as we watched them do what they needed to do to be smart with the money that was earned. I did not grow up going on elaborate vacations every year, in fact... family vacations for us usually involved visiting relatives or spending a week in the summer at Cape Cod. We did not have a lot of toys, nor did we ever get more than a few gifts for Christmas. Our birthdays were celebrated at home with friends and family and our parties consisted of balloons and streamers and good old fashioned pin-the-tail on the donkey. It was fun, simple and enough to make us happy and the day memorable.

We live in a day and age where people are broke, in massive amounts of debt and have nothing planned for the future because it is all about NOW. Birthday's have become elaborate parties that cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars; to impress who? Christmas has lost it's true meaning in heaps of toys that kids don't even play with and if you ask them what they got 6 months later they cannot even tell you. Then, a year later you are giving those expensive "gifts" to charity or watching them collect dust in a closet or playroom.
You then wonder why when your kids need a car you have no money to buy it, or when they need to go to college, you hope for scholarships; otherwise they must rely on student loans that they will be paying on well into their 40's. It honestly makes me sick to watch. It is something I have been passionate about for years, and as the years go by it seems to get worse and worse around me.

Living "The Dream" is something I have always associated with being able to do whatever I wanted, with whomever I wanted, wherever I wanted and not having to worry about how much it cost. Living the dream for me is also loving what I do, loving who I am with, traveling and simply enjoying life to it's fullest. Living the dream requires sacrifice, hard work, knowledge and most of all discipline. Most people are simply not willing to do what it takes to actually LIVE THE DREAM. They would rather LIVE in the MOMENT...  to LIVE in the NOW and are unwilling to see what it would take to truly LIVE their dreams. A sad, but true reality.

 So... what is "Your Dream"? Everyone has their own idea right? I want you to dig into your mind and ask... what is "The Dream" for me? Once you get  good idea of what that is, ask yourself if you feel you will ever achieve it, are you willing to sacrifice for it, are you willing to LEARN how to achieve it? If the answers to those last three questions are yes, I want to hear from you. Ask yourself  if what you are doing now will help you live your dream or is it robbing you of it? I want you to be COURAGEOUS, and tell me that you want to LIVE THE DREAM...  be bold, don't be afraid to say it, worst case scenario... you will realize that you don't have one, or that you are not doing what it takes to live it out. Best case scenario, you will find out HOW to achieve all that you want in life with the life you have left.

If you are ready to LIVE THE DREAM... email me at with "LIVE THE DREAM" in the subject line. I PROMISE you will not regret the decision to do so.





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