Monday, May 5, 2014

Going After What You Hope For

Have you ever had a week when thoughts wrestled around in your head like leaves caught up in the wind and all you wished was for them to fall into place and settle in a neat little pile? That is how I would describe my week and on the eve of another Monday, I still have thoughts stirring around in the hurricane I call my brain. I feel a bit crazy at times; perhaps I am... and that is why there are people who simply don't "get" me. 

Nevertheless, this has certainly been a long and interesting week... thought provoking; and although I feel that something inside me has changed, I am not quite sure what it is yet.  I must admit that I had a few moments this week when I broke down emotionally... not because of sadness or defeat... but simply because of the moments that are expected as you take the kind of journey that I am on. A journey towards success in something is emotional, it can confuse you, and simply break you down. Essentially, if the goal is worth it, these moments are absolute; unavoidable. It is in these moments that most people quit... but since pushing through them has helped me reach every goal thus far, I will lay down tonight knowing that another achievement is on the horizon as I think about the tears that pooled in my eyes over the past few days.

I made a monumental decision this week and I am not sure yet how it feels... it's that out of my comfort zone kind of feeling when fear tries it's best to set in and then today at church, I was touched deeply by something that our guest speaker Tony Dungy said as he stood at the podium. I realize that I have another big decision to make. I will share these decisions with all of you once they process and I know what they will mean for my life but until then I ask that you keep me in your positive thoughts and prayers. Although I am hopeful, motivated, and strive to achieve all that I set goals for, I want you to know that I too struggle... I am human and that is what allows me to understand where you come from, where you are, where you want and don't want to be. 

As you start this week... I want you to say to yourself this simple phrase and KNOW that with it comes the power to overcome whatever comes your way.

"I am courageous, I am significant, I am fearless, I am faithful, I am strong...  I believe in myself because I KNOW that I can... I WILL and I MUST do what I am meant to do in order to be who I am meant to be. I am a fighter, I am a giver and I will be everything I aspire to be because I trust and have faith that I will."





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