Monday, January 12, 2015

Life Is a Whirlwind... Make it an Unforgettable Story

As I sat here tonight thinking of topics to write about, several ideas came to mind. Life seems to be such a big ball of tumbleweed right now and with so many things going on as this new year has begun I am feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Change is in every deck of cards I have in front of me right now and given that I have SO many things that I want to accomplish this year my biggest challenge is trying to lasso my brain into focusing on a plan for each one. That can be the hardest thing for someone who thinks like me... and the start of a new year is ALWAYS the worst... or the best depending how you look at it.

Life is truly a whirlwind of events... some good, some bad and some are even repetitive. I am sure some of you reading this right now are wondering where in the world you will end up, how in the word you got where you are and what to do next. You may find yourself wrapped up in a big ball of uncertainty, a big mess of confusion, fear or maybe even pain. If I am not where you are right now, I have likely been there before and gotten through it, so the first thing to know is that YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT. I have my days... in fact I have had some recently; the days when a good cry is the only thing that makes you feel better. However instead of crying depressing me, crying gives me clarity because when I reach that point I usually pray harder and have more faith because that is when I need it the most. The times when you have nothing left but to say "HELP ME ON THIS" are often the moments in life that you will grow the most from; and having faith is what those moments are all about.

Life is always going to throw curve balls, it will always knock you in the head with a wrench so be prepared both mentally and spiritually so that you can bounce back. I would like to share a quick little story with you, something that happened today that proved once again that my life changes when I think about what I need. Putting it all out there, I had a very tough fourth quarter last year, mainly because I am in the middle of a career shift and have been planning a lot for what is ahead which has created some additional expenses. Needless to say, my pennies are tight and I have had to become more frugal than I already am. These are the growing pains when in business; it's a necessary evil when in growth phase. Luckily, I have been here before so it is familiar, but it is scary when you are your only source of income and have three beautiful kids counting on you to provide. Most people would just go get a job that pays them a set amount every two weeks, but an entrepreneur like me would rather ride the crazy roller coaster train.

I had a rough day yesterday and went to bed thinking to myself "HOW am I going to get through this?" With that, my mind started working and my mouth started praying to just get through this week because I know in the weeks ahead I will have what I need coming in. I woke up this morning still uncertain but tuned into my positive radio station on the way to my office doing all I needed to do to stay uplifted. This afternoon when I got home and checked my mailbox there were two envelopes mixed in with the junk mail one which was unmarked and the other was from a recognizable income stream that typically produces a small residual each month. As I opened the envelopes, I smiled and a tear rolled down my face because both were checks that I was not expecting... and they equaled almost the exact amount that I needed to get me through this week.

The moral of this story? Life is a whirlwind of ups and downs, they will never stop; you just have to keep going. You have to focus on what to do and what you want, not what's happening right now. You have to think about what you need in your life. You have to ASK for the solutions you seek and focus on them instead of the problem. If you focus on the problem, you will manifest more problems... I say this ALL of the time. I went to bed asking for a solution and I woke up focused on finding one... none of what happened as I opened that mail was on accident, it was a reminder during a tough time that I can get through ANYTHING, I was built to survive; I am NOT alone and that all I have to do is ASK to receive. When you walk the right path, not only will you reach your destiny, you will appreciate the journey you have been on so why not make it an unforgettable story?

"There will always be days that get you down, there will always be times when you don't know what direction you will go, there will always be moments when you don't know how someone truly feels about you, how valuable you really are or if your life will ever be what you hope it to be. We cannot predict what will happen, we cannot control how someone else feels, we cannot expect everyone to see how valuable we are and we can't determine what our life will be like in the end.
What we can do is focus on the positive even when it's hard to find, move in the direction we want to go instead of staying where we are, choose to care more about how we feel rather than worrying about what others feel and determine our value by constantly improving, loving who we are and giving value to ourselves even when nobody else will. Life is never perfect, in fact someone else will always have what you hope for; many don't even deserve to have it. The fact is your dream is always someone else's reality... that's why you have to do what you can to make it yours."
Excerpt from
"Going After the Happy Ending"
©2015 Shelley Giard

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