Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Blog...Saying Goodbye to 2014

I spent my New Year's Eve in a quiet place away from home and simply enjoyed the serenity of just "being." Traveling is something that I truly love and I look forward to doing much more of it in the years to come. I love hopping on a plane for business trips, getaways alone and look forward to creating experience filled memories with my kiddos now that the thought of flying with all of them alone does not exhaust me. As I close the book on 2014, I find myself reflecting on the crazy whirlwind of a year I had. It was certainly a great year for me, although it was definitely filled with A LOT of transition and change in every single aspect. Change is something many people are scared of, but change is something that I have grown accustomed to and have always been pretty fearless of. Being fearless does not mean that I don't wonder... that I don't sit and allow my mind to paint pictures of what might be... what can be and ultimately what will be. What I intentionally do is keep my mind off of the negative things that might happen, the rejections that could occur and the obstacles that no doubt will try to stop me. I have found by keeping my mind on what I WANT to happen yields better results in the end, and GREAT results is what all of us want.

I may be ending the year with less money in my bank account, fewer certainties of what is to come and lots of things that are still unsettled, but I have never been so excited for a new year to arrive. For me, when life is in a transition stage I spend more time planning, setting goals and focusing on achieving them. Since so many things are happening at once, over the past few months I have had some moments of emotional breakdown, because even for me... someone who is used to things going 900 miles per hour at all times... it is a bit overwhelming. It is also somewhat exciting due to the opportunities to grow both personally and in my career. I choose to embrace all that is ahead, be thankful for all that I have right now and look forward to whatever obstacles I must face to make 2015 an incredible year.

As you go into this New Year... remember that change is what makes you grow, it will make you get uncomfortable just enough to DO something different, exciting and perhaps meaningful with your life. It forces you set goals, dream bigger, and do more than before because you HAVE to. The best experiences only happen when you change where you are... so don't be afraid. The worst thing that can happen is that you end up learning a lesson or two.... which will allow you to grow in both your heart and in your mind. If you don't change something, you will be doing, feeling, and experiencing the exact same things you are now and even if you are totally happy in life, it can always be better so why not make it better?

As I welcome 2015 I realize I have set a TON of BIG goals and am mapping out how to make it all happen; wish me luck and follow my journey as I live out the next 365 day I know that I will truly be LIVING The Happy Ending.

May this year be the year that you FEARLESSLY set your goals and go after your dreams 
with pure insanity!

Until next time...







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