Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Eve Blog

It's quiet... REEALLY quiet in my house tonight.... my children are away with their dad for Christmas break this year so I am relaxing at home alone. It's not looking, smelling, or feeling like Christmas normally does for me, but in an odd and perhaps strange way, if I had a fireplace and snow outside it would honestly be perfect. I was invited to a few gathering's tonight and although grateful that I have such amazing friends in my life, I decided to hang out with myself instead; I needed it. The past 6 months have posed a huge shift... another transition that will ultimately lead me to more amazing things in 2015. Sometimes it is necessary to be alone... to reflect on all that is around you and I am truly thankful for this time right now to do just that. So... I sit here with soft music playing, a fresh cup coffee and homemade chicken soup simmering on the stove, reaching out to inspire you tonight. No tree, no decorations... but I am content.

Happiness and contentment in life is all about perspective... it's not about material things, or people making you happy. As I have said many times, over the past several years it is about YOU enjoying time with yourself, liking who you are, being confident in that and not needing anything or anyone to put a smile on your face. It is about being thankful for what you have, where you are and appreciating your journey no matter how rough the road gets. As I was out at the store today grabbing a few things to make chicken soup, I could see the stress on people's faces... the scurrying around getting last minute gifts and groceries... people honking horns on the roads with frustration in their eyes; it was literally a zoo. I walked with peace... a smile on my face and actually felt kind of lucky to not have so much to do. I have two weeks before I will be celebrating Christmas with my beautiful kids but I will not be caught up in the craziness. I will be able to enjoy myself, the time with them once they are home, and not be in a hurry for anything.

Christmas Eve for me this year is about reflection... about remembering why we celebrate this holiday; it's all in perspective for me tonight. I still have a few bumps ahead as the new year approaches but I have learned so much about the rewards that await once the storms are over and I look forward to what lies ahead. The clouds always lift, and the sun will always shine again. No matter what you are going through, no matter how lonely you may be this holiday season... know that you are still blessed beyond words. Do what you can to be thankful, to be happy and to fill yourself up with Christmas spirit by getting right within your heart, with others, with yourself and with your Creator. I have made MANY, MANY mistakes in my life, I am FAR from perfect and am constantly looking to improve... but when I am in the midst of a storm or when I have feelings in my heart or people in my life that are trying to steal my smile I simply bow my head and pray for the strength to keep everything in perspective. Funny thing is it always works.

Tonight on this quiet Christmas Eve, I share with you PEACE through a blog post and a Christmas poem that I will write on a whim in real time; so here it goes....

A Christmas Story

A feeling, a smile, a moment of truth,
A time, a place, the laughter of youth.

A tree, a twinkle, the smell of a fire,
A family, a gift, a heart's desire.

A song, a star, a child was born,
A purpose, a life, a ring of thorns.

A man, a God, your life to live,
The story, the meaning, the reason to give.

May your hearts be filled with peace and joy

Until next time...







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