Monday, May 11, 2015

Defeated and Derailed... is NOT a Definitive Diagnosis

As I sat at my key board last Monday to type my inspirational blog, my fingers froze.... I had nothing. Frustrated but hopeful, I sat down again a few days later only to have the same thing occur. The hardest thing to do when you are not feeling inspired is to write something inspirational... to write something motivating when you are not feeling motivated; to write with certainty when so many things seem uncertain. 

Then FINALLY on Friday I was feeling inspired, more like myself, and I was SO excited to sit down and write with my classical music in ear and a nice glass of wine to sip. However between that moment of inspiration and sitting down at my keyboard, my teenage daughter decided to defy my request and stayed out bike riding beyond her "before dark" curfew. Instead of relaxing and writing after a very trying and long two weeks, I ended up semi- frantically scouring the neighborhood for 30 minutes before I found her. Needless to say this left me more upset and angry than inspirational. I can't imagine what may have come out in words had I sat down to write... again it was postponed. I sat that night and stared at the ceiling with a tear in my eye and reminisced over the events of the past several days and wondered how in the world I keep it together, how I avoid a complete mental breakdown at times... and I came to only one conclusion. I simply make the decision to keep going, because that is all I know. These are the times when I am especially thankful that I have children... they are likely my will to pursue most of the time... and the rest of the time it's simply because I don't know how to give up.

Some of the things in my life lately have left me disappointed, sad, and in some cases, even scared to death. A series of blows can drop the strongest person to their knees and strong people rarely have someone there to hold them.... because people will always say "you are strong, you can do this." Although they are right... sometimes strong people can be weak and need that boost to lift them up and carry them. That awful feeling of defeat... the feeling that you were just derailed from the path you are on can leave you feeling very "blank" inside, and if a person were to come by and wrap their arms around you in that moment and whisper "its' going to be okay" it would be the perfect comfort.

Through many years of trial and many unexpected disappointments, there is one thing that I have taken away from it all, and that is that being derailed and feeling defeated does not leave you with a definitive diagnosis of failure... in fact, it almost ensures your success one day as long as you don't give up too soon; NOT GIVING UP is key.

Weakness is not failure... it's a natural process that happens to everyone, and in most cases it is in moments of weakness that we learn the most about who we are and what we are made of. Weakness ultimately leads to strength. In moments of victory, it's not the victory itself that brings the tears of joy...  it's the memory and exhaustion of all you went through to accomplish it... it's an uncontrollable urge to let go what you have held in for so long. 

Embrace the journey, trust in the process and know that when you are weak, strength is being built and lessons are being learned. PAY ATTENTION to the details of these moments, you will learn what you need to succeed. You will gain the mental toughness in the tearful moments and you will rise above it all if you simply KEEP PUSHING THROUGH.

Have an amazing Monday, I LOVE Mondays! They mark the start of a new 7-day cycle. A new day... a new chance to be incredible. NO GO GET IT!

Until next time... 



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