Monday, April 27, 2015

It's Not the Speed of the Train.... It's Patience

One of the most difficult traits to deal with as an action-driven entrepreneur is often impatience. The reason we often lack this trait is not because we are naturally an impatient person, but rather, we typically put everything on the line to go after a goal, a business venture, a dream we have; leaving little room for error, even when we KNOW we will make some mistakes if we are going to succeed. Sound familiar? Yeah, me too... so remember this....

It's not the speed of the train... it's the strength of the engine and the patience it has to get back on track once it veers off. ©shelleygiard

If there is one thing I have learned by now, it is how to be patient in business... (now only if it would rub off on my parenting when my kiddos don't listen!) Going after a goal can bring out almost every emotion in you, but patience is not typically one of them. Let's go through the emotions of going after a goal. I will give you a cliff note explanation of  each stage and give you some tips on how to get through them. In order to get beyond the negative emotions that stir in us, you must know what to do when you are in the midst of each one.

EXCITEMENT (the hot phase)
When you first set a goal or think of an idea, you get excited. Like REEEALLLLY excited! You start envisioning how amazing it is all going to come together and often have that "nothing is going to stop me" attitude. This is perfect... for that hot phase, it is the only thing that is going to drive you into action. This excitement phase sets your motivation; we ALL have a reason for setting the goal. It takes excitement to drive the actions that will get us moving! Don't simply stay here and fizzle out as some do; allow this phase to drive you into your passionate phase...

PASSION (the planning phase)
Passion is what drives us into action, it is what makes us feel alive and gives us the energy to push into focus. Focus is what then forces us to map out a plan to reach our goal. We must stay here and hang out a while but not allow the excitement to dwindle; it all kind of goes together. These are the fun times... enjoy them because they don't last forever... but I promise you will NEED THEM as reminders later on of why you started to begin with, You will find them again, but with different meaning.

AMBITION (the action phase)
This is where all the action happens... your excitement is still there, passion has made you focus and plan, now ambition will cause the actions to make it happen. This is your first long phase, get comfy... put on your slippers and grab some coffee. You will spend a lot of your energy here and likely lose some excitement along the way, but it plays a huge part, so hang tough. Most people begin to quit in their subconscious mind here... DON'T QUIT!

DOUBT (the cooling off phase)
Drive, hard work, and dedication were all strong and steadfast in the ambitious phase, but because that is not the phase where the magic usually happens, doubt begins to set in. Oh.. the doubt. The doubt in your idea, your goals, dreams, reasoning, abilities and well... everything else you can think up that will stop you from pushing through this phase. It's a HARD ONE! Your excitement was used up in the last three phases, so now you are starting to get a bit frustrated... you are beginning to believe what everyone is saying about giving up. It's a crappy phase but PUSH THROUGH!!!!! I promise it is worth it.

FEAR (the "what if" phase)
Doubt has set in and fear is the best friend that comes without an invite. Yep... you now fear that everything you did was a huge mistake. Whatever you have put on the line is going to be gone and you will never recover; the "I did all of this for nothing" attitude is taking over. Well... if you allow that attitude to hand around, that may be exactly what happens, but when in this phase you must remind yourself of your passion and how excited you were at one time. Fear is an emotion that you can overcome.

FEAR is what False Emotions Always Reveal. ©shelley giard
Keep pushing, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Don't let fear stop you.... it is part of the process.

ANGER (the decision phase)
If you doubt yourself and fear that you are not good enough to achieve what you hope for, you will end up here. If you are pushing through the doubts of others and have fears of failure, you will end up here as well. The outcome of this phase will all depend on which of the above you are feeling. When it all boils down, belief in yourself  and getting angry that nobody else thinks you can do it will rekindle the excitement and passion phases in this stage... it will drive you home because you will use the anger to fuel you. If you are doubting yourself, and angry that you ever started... you will likely quit in this stage. Most people cannot get through it; but the ones who want it bad enough will. Frustration is in full force, exhaustion is peeking in the window and it may even be sitting on your couch with a soda by now. When you are exhausted, you get emotional... we will cry, punch a wall and blame everyone and everything simply because we don't want to admit our own failure.
LISTEN UP!!! You have only failed when you GIVE UP, if you die trying to succeed, you never truly failed. Use the anger to fuel you back into excitement and passion like never before or the road ends here for you. C'mon... do you even KNOW what awaits?

PASSION (the re-birthing phase)
HEY! You made it!  Congratulations! You allowed your fear, frustrations and anger to lead you back to me. Passion is stirring inside of you again and you won't stop now until you achieve the goal. THIS is where the magic happens. You have made it through the worst of times and have learned along the way how tough you truly are. It's time to plan again... leave the mistakes out and have patience. Trust that in time everything will happen exactly as you had planned. What other people say no longer matters, you are bulletproof. When you get knocked down, you won't stay down, you will jump up with a tear in your eye and keep running.

EXCITEMENT (the victory phase)
It was ALL worth it... I told you I would be back, and now I am more vibrant and meaningful than before. YOU DID IT! Your goal has been realized and the train is full speed ahead. You know the run, you know why you derailed and have fixed the issues so now you are running like the well oiled machine you were built to be. Enjoy this phase even more than last time... it is here to stay; it's also when the next goal is typically set.

Ready to go again???? I thought so!

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