Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Do the Hustle...

And suddenly, I am humming one of my favorite 1970's song's and wiggling my bottom in my chair to the beat although that "hustle" is not at all what I am actually talking about. Did I mention that I LOVE to dance? (Where is the disco when you need it?) I know I have been preoccupied with life not even realizing that I missed writing two blog posts. This time it was due to the Spring season of Florida in full force. It was time for my two allergy-stricken youngest to have their yearly coughing, sneezing, itchy, watery eye issues which required staying home from school, pulling out the nebulizer, saline spray and anything else to keep it from turning into bronchitis or worse. No excuses, just truth; it is in moments like this that I am happy to be in business for myself so I can stay home and care for them even if it means sitting them in my lap while I work.

As I was  trying to find inspiration for my post tonight with a "fried egg" mind from after a long day at the office, I asked a friend whom I was texting with to give me an idea... no pressure at all. HAHA Luckily a good one came to mind and I am running with it.

So here was his thought...

"People can be smarter, faster, stronger, or whatever... you cannot control that. But don't let anyone outwork you; don't be out hustled."

How PERFECT of a topic for someone like me... the single mom of 4- author- speaker- blogger-adviser-coach- mentor- makeup artist- madwoman "hustling" entrepreneur. I must say my "hustling" began at an early age and ultimately led me to make the educated decision never to work for anyone as long as I could help it. I did not want to be on "that" side of the equation. (I would likely be fired for over achieving and too much overtime pay.) Being an employee from the age of 13 through the age of 19  taught me one thing.... I AM NOT a good employee at ALL. (Unless you want me to run your company, then I am awesome and EXTREMELY cooperative.)

The biggest question that came to mind when my friend sent me this was, "Are you born a hustler or can you be taught how to hustle?"  I would like to think that a person can learn these skills by reading books, self improving, learning good work ethic and finding a career (or in my case careers) they love. However, when I think of how many people think I am totally off my rocker doing all that I do, I ponder... maybe it IS something that some people just "have" or not. I know that as I have and continue to develop leaders, I have always been able to bring out the best in others, I have experienced how the human mind can be shaped and formed into something it never was or even dreamed to be; even I am still amazed at how it happens sometimes.

Lately I have been on a roll in this department and have had such an overwhelming out pour of email messages and Facebook tags telling how much I have changed people's lives.... it is still surreal  to me. ME??? Changing lives?? ME? That girl who was lost for so long falling over my wrinkles of mistakes and mountains of bad decisions? WOW... truly humbling for me I must say. No wonder God allowed me to fall on my face so many times; He had to do something with this stubborn brat.

I have certainly implemented several positive changes within this last year due to mistakes yet again that I made; nobody is perfect, but you can certainly strive for perfection. It has been another year of growth through lessons and change through actions no matter how scary or risky so that I can make a difference in my life once again. I am Going After the Happy Ending" just as my upcoming book is titled and I KNOW it's out there for me in every facet of my life. I have never been so excited to finish a puzzle before... to fill in the gaps and link all the missing pieces together to create that beautiful picture.

I must admit, now that I am back on the right track, putting God as my numero uno He is letting me know I am in His will by showering me with grace and opening doors in every direction, proving once again that He is always there for his children no matter how astray we may get. With all the positive happening right now, He must be a proud papa.

Hustling has become my way of life... so as long as I am smiling and changing lives, I will keep it up and keep it real. I mean seriously... God was a hustler; that amazing dude created the world in 6 days... he makes me look like a sluggard! I want to be JUST LIKE HIM, or at least die trying.  I am blessed and continue to be blessed in this life and know that abundance awaits those of us who "hustle" as we were meant to use every single gift we were given in a way that speaks life.

"Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich." Proverbs 10:4

Until next time... HUSTLE





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