Saturday, April 11, 2015

Challenges of Being a Passionate Person

Ahhh... man have I missed that sound; the sound of soft piano music playing which is always what I listen to as I write. I have been so busy that it has been a full two and a half weeks since I was able to sit down and write freely just letting whatever is on my mind flow out like a raging river. I am soaking up this moment as I speak out in verse... it's my muse and I hold these moments so dear. I look forward to a time when I will be able to slow down just a bit and spend more time doing just this. The time that will come when I have reached that eventual point in my head when I will relax in satisfaction knowing that all my hard work and dedication has finally given me and my kids all that we will ever want and need; I know that day will come.

The challenges that passionate people face are countless but most of us would not have it any other way; it is actually part of the excitement. Always having some sort of burning desire that makes you wake up and keeps you from sleeping at night can be both a blessing and a curse. Your passions often hold your focus making it hard for others to become a part of your life unless they can be excited with you... unless they can dream and visualize what you see in your head. It can get lonely... so we simply stay busy to keep our minds off of that. It is only when we have quiet moments with nothing to do that we think about the sacrifices we make to go after what lights our fire, makes us tick... what we have found is our purpose in life. Realizing that you can easily alienate yourself from so many things in the world around you is quite humbling.

From the outside looking in, being passionate looks exciting and can be very motivating...  let me express that although it is, it does not mean the life we lead is for everyone. If it was, "living your dreams" would not be that special. Being passionate about something is more often a roller coaster ride than it is being secure or knowing what to expect, it is simply a force that you cannot control. I have had people say to me... "I could never do what you do, I would be so stressed not knowing from day to day, week to week if I would make enough to do everything that I needed and wanted to do." I say that I could never do what they do... regardless of how secure it felt, it would never feel right knowing that I would be trading reaching my fullest potential or seeing how far I can go for a secure salary.  I often give up wants in order to be sure that the needs of my kids and I are met and am afraid to spend too much just in case tomorrow yields a different forecast, but that is still better to me than putting my future in someone else's hands. I can guarantee what I do, but I will never control or be able to guarantee what someone else does, feels or decides. I suppose this is part of the discipline a self made entrepreneur must possess to survive the ups and downs.

The people closest to you may not always understand your passions... they may not support you and may even exclude you from things. They might mock you making fun of what your dreams, goals and ambitions are or treat you like you are worthless. People that are insecure or who have settled into comfort zones typically feel jealous or uncomfortable around people who are going after something in life. Passionate people ALWAYS want to be part of something bigger, and a truly passionate person knows that what others think will not deem their success or failure... but that allowing what others say to change our direction that will.

There have been times in my life when I allowed people to pull me away from my goals and dreams... without those setbacks I would have likely already reached my ultimate goals, but I also believe that the setbacks were necessary at the time. They were a purposeful part of my journey and I accept that as truth. The path I am headed down now is the right one... I feel it with every ounce of my soul and with that, I have become more passionate over the past few years than I have ever been. I have lost the people in my life that were not meant to be in it for the long haul and I have gained some that may very well be with me until the end; either way, life is happier and much better even if I do sit home on Friday nights to blog or work, or to do something that will help me reach what I am going after.

We all tick differently... I may not understand why every person on the planet does not want to find something to become passionate about  and go after it, however I respect that we are not all the same and love people where they are. It's simply unfortunate that I don't always get that same respect for being who I am, however I can live with it and will still accomplish my dreams without it.

If you are one of the many that sit back and watch these passionate souls around you in confusion... know that what we fight for, we live for. What we dream of, we expect to make a reality with every ounce of who we are no matter what you think.... we go after it and will sacrifice things you likely would not to get what we seek. Understand that we hope one day you can appreciate us and respect that we simply attached ourselves to something that we loved and gave it our all. If you are someone that feels a burning desire to be part of something bigger... if you have a dream or goal that you are afraid to go after because of what others might think... let me tell you that it is worth it. Even when you are lonely, you will have purpose and God knows where your heart is even when nobody else understands. DON'T let go of your dreams... let your passions live and thrive so life will be more amazing. Safety nets don't always catch you so you may as well fly.

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