Monday, July 13, 2015


YOU wake up every day with an opportunity... an opportunity not only to make your day amazing and interesting, but to make a difference in someone's life, to be a voice in a circumstance, to create a wave of truth in a situation that is unjust.


So many of you think of your life as ordinary... perhaps even boring, mundane or meaningless;  you don't realize the value you truly have. All you know is that you get up, go to work, grind all day to make someone else rich, sit in a traffic jam on the ride home which stirs up negative emotions that you carry through the threshold of your home. Then even though you are exhausted, you put on your other hat, perhaps as a parent or spouse when you would rather crawl in a corner somewhere with a glass of wine and a book, or a beer and ESPN. You finally go to bed worried about things that are not going right only to wake up and do it all over again... for 4 more days! THIS, is your life. YOU simply EXIST.

You don't think about the small things you can do to change the attitude of your every day, you never really think of how YOU can touch a life, or change the world; perhaps maybe you don't care to change the world... but what if you could make a difference with just one small change, one small thing, gesture, one word you choose to say?


What is this power of 1? Well, let me tell you about it. The power of 1 is all about that one little thing, that one moment that you do something different, courageous, extraordinary or perhaps even a little weird that creates a ripple effect that you may not even be able to fully trace. It may sound crazy to think that one small thing can change the day... or perhaps even the lives of many just because YOU made a small choice because ONE THING seems very insignificant, but it's not. I will give you an example.

Think about a room filled with people, someone is up on a stage speaking about something that touches you, that moves you ...something that has made an impact for you but everyone around you is silent.... nobody claps. What do you think would happen if YOU started clapping? I will tell you what would happen... someone else will clap, and someone else, and someone else and soon, the whole room is clapping, smiling, and the person on stage feels amazing and the rest of their time on stage is filled with even more energy because of it. The next time someone else in the room is impacted, they may now have the courage to clap simply because they saw what happened when YOU did. The energy of the room was taken to a new level all because YOU made one small choice to not follow everyone else... but you chose to clap anyway.


I have been told more times than I can count, that I talk too much, that I have too much energy, I am too nice, too bubbly and that my personality can be overwhelming. For years, I was very self conscious of that... I saw it as a flaw and felt that maybe I should change. I actually got FIRED from a salon once because I was too bubbly and it offended the other stylists. They accused me of "stealing" their clients by being too nice to them! I decided that it is who I am and I liked who I was, so instead of changing, I simply discovered how to adjust to the crowd I am in. I can tone it down or turn it up, depending on the situation; (trust me...suppressing this is an art in itself)  

I am the poster child for the power of 1 because I stand up for what I believe in, I speak when I am passionate and I will clap when nobody else claps if  for nothing more than to make that person feel special. WE ALL need to feel special. We ALL need to feel significant to someone and if I can be that person for someone else if only for a moment in time... perhaps it will create a ripple effect and that makes me feel good too.


I encourage you to use YOUR power of 1 EVERY day. Change one thing in your routine, say one word to someone that could change the course of their day, do one thing that you would not normally do to make a difference in your life, the life of someone you know, or better yet, a complete stranger. We ALL have the opportunity to be THAT PERSON who is mentioned in conversation that did something nice... to do that "something" that became significant to someone. Knowing that we can have that kind of impact, that butterfly effect is a reason to wake up with a smile every day. Even when you can't change your own circumstances... you may be able to change someone's day in a positive way and when they smile back at you... there's no way to avoid the feeling that happens inside.

Yesterday... I got an email from one of my readers; someone who knows me through someone else, however I have never met this person. I am sharing this excerpt from the email to prove that the power of 1 is real... I get these kinds of emails and messages all of the time simply because I choose to do that one thing, say that one word, type that one blog, or post that one phrase or paragraph on social media. I don't do it for me... no matter what some people have said or may think... I do it because I USE my power of 1 to make someone's day better. I have been given the gift of gab... the talents and courage to say and write things that others won't... to clap when nobody else is clapping. I choose to be significant every day even if it's only to one person... and that person can even be ME.

Dear Shelley,

I want to say so much to you. Your morning inspirational messages mean so much to me. I still get envious of people who have so much, and I'm still struggling. I never would have imagined that I would be so poor at this point if my life. YOU help me to realize how blessed I am, and help me to trust in His plan. I have taught my daughters to give and help others, even when we didn't have much to give. Ok, going on too long here, but thank you for your guidance, inspiration, love and support. It means more than you will ever know.

Have an AMAZING Monday... I hope you use YOUR power of 1 in some way today. It can change your life and may have a ripple effect on the lives of many others.

Until next time... 





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