Monday, July 6, 2015

Getting Out of a Mental Block

Today... as I sat and attempted to start writing this blog post I got stuck, yet again. I walked away from the computer for a moment annoyed with myself... saying, "You have been "STUCK" for two weeks now, you have not written since Father's day! WHAT is stopping you, what is causing this mental block?"

I knew that until I answered my own question and ultimately solved this puzzle with a solution I would remain in this frustrating arena of unproductive nothingness. I decided to really dig into what has been going on with me lately segment by segment in order to put my finger on the thoughts that seem to be holding me hostage.

Mental block is typically caused by things and/or emotions lurking in our subconscious mind, which is that wonderfully complex area of our brain to which we have little control over, yet if we figure out how to tap into it, will unlock all of life's possibilities and allow us to understand why we tick as we do. I have spent countless hours reading about this phenomenal part of our brain, becoming more in tune with my own than most people ever will with theirs. It is because of this romantic dance with my brainwaves that I find myself in moments like this doing what I can to tap into myself in order to get over these proverbial obstacles.

I wrote things down...

The first thing I did was get out a sheet of paper and wrote down my "to do" list. I had to empty all the things I have to accomplish that were swirling around in my head after a long holiday weekend. Given the fact that my personality type is one that gets easily overwhelmed after a mental escape or "holiday" from the daily grind, this was a necessary step to take. Having my kids home for summer vacation has left me terribly out of sync with my day to day work. This has created a feeling of being very "behind" even though it's likely not as bad as I am feeling it is. I have really enjoyed spending more time with my kids, but that does not erase that feeling of anxiousness I get not working as much and that feeling can easily overcome the joy I gain from quality time if I am not mindful in my thoughts. Balance can be very hard for the single career mom... more difficult I would have to say than any other person I can think of. Finding balance for me is Mount Everest most of the time.

The second thing I did was write down all of the things that are on my mind... personal, emotional, and business related things that are slowing me up simply because they are taking up space in my head; man... that was a LOOOONG list of things!! I found myself staring at what I wrote down thinking "whoa" no wonder I am running in circles without direction, I am surprised my head has not spontaneously ruptured to be honest. I am often amazed at all the things this head has in it at once and when I do this exercise, I can often shift and regain focus, because realistically that is why I am stuck in the first place.

Finding Clarity in my thoughts

Now that I knew what was taking up room in my head, I needed to shelf some of these things and only deal what I could control and do something about. One by one I created a written temporary solution for each topic on my brain that would allow me to move on while giving myself permission to get back to them at a later date when I could actually have a more permanent solution. This entire exercise worked and once it was done, I sat down and decided to simply share the process I had just gone through in this blog post figuring it may be helpful to someone out there reading.

"What the thinker (conscious mind) thinks, the prover (unconscious mind) proves."
So often, we stay focused on the things that we have no solution for, allowing it to consume us keeping us from dealing with and changing the things we CAN. I encourage you to find a temporary solution for all the things taking up space in your mind that leave you stuck in situations or trapped within your own thoughts. Sometimes that means simply setting it aside until a later date when you can have more clarity or certainty of how to deal with it. Allow yourself to focus on the things you want.... visualize these things like a motion picture in your head. Allow your senses to get involved... sight, touch, smell, sound; immerse yourself in a quiet space to create that movie in your mind. Record yourself talking about what the day will be like when you are where you want to be, how will you celebrate? What kind of day will it be outside; will flowers be blooming,  rain pouring down or soft white snow blanketing the ground?

 "Envision life as you want it in explicit detail and think about that life every day, for it does not matter where you are but where you intend to be that truly matters." Shelley Giard ©2015

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