Monday, November 12, 2012

Making Time For What Matters

I am the world's worst.. or best depending on how you look at it at filling my plate so full that I have a hard time devouring it all. I have said for years that if I could clone myself I would be much more efficient and capable to do all of the things I want, intend and hope to do in half the time. I have been the "yes" girl for so long being the giving heart that I am, that I find it very difficult most of the time to be the "I don't think I can" girl even when I need to. I have sacrificed time with my family and my significant other to do things I probably should have said no to; maybe you can relate?

One of my goals this year has been to focus on what's important, not only to me but to my family and that has meant saying no more than I wanted to. I have had to STOP and think before committing to something so that I could think about what I would have to sacrifice in order to do it. I am very easily distracted, and find that distraction is my worst enemy making getting things done even more challenging at times. It's a constant battle of brain and heart. If I need to sit down and pay bills, I sometimes have to say no to sitting down to watch television with my kids or with Corey, on the flip-side, I sometimes have to say no to checking emails or writing my blog in order to spend time with them even though I feel like I am letting down my audience who look forward to reading my posts.

Balance is hard, especially when you have A.D.D and want to do everything for everyone all of the time, it's my curse... or perhaps my blessing. The bottom line is that you HAVE to make time for what matters, and you HAVE to prioritize your to-do lists. The people who are affected by your "no's" will understand if they love an care for you. I challenge you today to say no when you want to say yes, in order to leave room on your plate for you. Have a wonderfully productive day!

 Thank a Veteran today!