Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why Wait 'Till I am Dead?

My mind is on a weird trip this evening... a thought just hit me as I was unloading laundry out of the dryer, so instead of folding it (it's now waiting patiently in the basket) I decided to boot my computer back up and tap out this blog to clear my head of these random thoughts, (I am often curious where this stuff comes from) and share them with you! (Feeling lucky?)

I remember several years ago, I did a Goggle search  in hopes of finding a place to submit my quotes that had been popping into my brain and out onto paper for as long as I could remember. Long before I knew of Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Shad Helmstetter, Zig Zigglar, and Jim Rohn (just to name a few) I suppose I needed a motivational boost and since nobody else was around I "lifted" myself by writing my own quotes. (what a weirdo!) I always thought that it would be some sort of poetic justice to see my name beside a quote I wrote on a website or in a book where people would go to be inspired, and have their spirits lifted.

What I found was that nothing I found would allow you to submit a quote unless you were famous, or dead and famous and I remember that crawling under my skin like a needle searching for blood at the doctor's office. Who made the rule that you had to be famous in order to be inspiring, or funny, or sarcastic? How in the world are you supposed to GET famous if nobody will give you the opportunity to BE inspiring to others. I mean, sheesh... I have read and heard MANY things from people who were not "famous" or dead, that helped me in some way. Ba-Humbug! I said to myself at that moment... "I will show THEM!" I will find my OWN way... and just like everything else in life... I did; I wrote a book, and I end each chapter with a quote that I wrote.

Tonight, I had this random thought (which probably wasn't so random seeing how I am currently reading a book on financial planning) and it kind of reminded me of the moment when I realized that a lot of people who are dead are more famous now than when they were alive (and so are their quotes.) Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Thomas Jefferson... these men were brilliant and struggled with so many things... they were ripped to shreds by their peers and NOW that they are gone they are recognized for how spectacular they are, I certainly hope the felt the love before it all ended.

So... here was my thought, why wait until we are dead? People wait to give their children an inheritance when they pass, never allowing themselves the joy of seeing the fruits of their labor at work in the lives of heir loved ones. How do they know that they will need it more then than now? Wouldn't it make more sense to give it to them when they are younger, perhaps when they start a family so that they can invest it wisely and make it grow into a fortune for their own kids one day? I mean seriously, compounded interest is a VERY powerful thing!!

Now, I know that many people never make a fortune or have some huge inheritance to pass onto their kids, in fact, sadly enough many people these days die more broke than they were when they started working; (we really need to change that.) I know I do not want my kids to go through what I have gone through, I am going to be sure they have money smarts, so that when I am gone they will not need an inheritance... to survive. I will allow them to have theirs when the begin their families, so that they can create a better, more responsible life than I ever had. While some people are out buying yet another toy to make little "Johnny" or "Sally" happy; one that likely won't be played with or taken care of for more than a few weeks, I will be sure that I shop wisely, on things that they can not only enjoy, but things that will secure their financial future.

 As I have gotten older, instead of feeling inferior when I cannot afford something, I feel wise and it makes me happy to know that as a single mom, I experience many struggles, and those struggles teach me so much. Many times in life I did not have the money to get the newest toy that everyone wanted for Christmas; I typically left the television off during the holidays because of that. It was silly to feel inferior, it was silly to feel like I wasn't good enough, that I had "failed" my kids by not being able to afford what their friends had. What I realize now, is that I am teaching my kids the value of a dollar, I am teaching them that there is disappointment in life, and that you DON'T always get what you want... because guess what? You don't! I am instilling principals that were not even intentional, and because of that they will be able to cope in life with the things that happen unplanned.

I am fulfilled and proud, as I watch my oldest daughter Cierra, (20) who is across the country in Colorado, supporting herself completely without a roommate, working two jobs to pay her own way through school after giving up a full 4 year scholarship to fulfill her dreams of becoming a graphic artist. She amazes me at her resilience and when I look at her and how awesome she has become, I say to myself... "she is always going to know the value of a dollar because she saw YOU trying to make those dollars stretch SO many times."

Whew.. okay I feel better now and can fold this cold laundry... perhaps after another toss! HA! #storyofmylife

Goodnight everyone... let' not wait 'till we are dead to share our wealth, or our wealth of knowledge, and let's not wait until others are dead before we tell them how awesome they are.

Inspire someone EVERY day!

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