Thursday, July 25, 2013

Look Out! "Advice From Shells" Is Born!

Call me crazy, (I kind of look it in this picture) but I just love that so many people call on me when they are having a bad day... a tough time... when they want to complain, gripe and moan; and no, I am not being sarcastic. I like it because it gives me great blog ideas... and also because I love knowing that the reason that they call me or email me is because they know that I will have something positive to say, some words of wisdom  that will make them think about their situation differently or completely snap them out of their pity party or problem all together. Yep, I have become THAT girl... the one that so many people trust with their thoughts, hiccups and emotions; I am kind of like Dear Abby but younger and cuter. (ha!) I really enjoy being that person... like really... a WHOLE lot!

Today, I had a few of these "moments". One was with a haircolor client (and friend) that I had this morning who is having a terrible skin issue. She has been to three dermatologists and it is getting worse. She told me how excited she was to have her appointment today so she could get my advice. I was flattered. I am such a complete geek when it comes to ingredients and when I say geek I mean I am one of those weirdos that can turn a bottle around and tell you what stuff is and what purpose it serves or what ailment it causes; I take it to a level where few men have gone before. Long story short (I stink at that by the way) After diagnosing her "condition" as Eczema with one quick look,  I talked through her issues, asked her some important questions and then out came this encyclopedia of knowledge that I have soaked up by reading and learning for so many years. She was amazed at all the information that I offered and had a few "aha" moments as we talked. I wrote the bullet points down for her, made her a nice healthy snack when she told me she felt her sugar dropping and sent her away with smiles and  a feeling of hope that she would soon itch no more. My face was smiling too.

I then had a trip to the pediatrician for my youngest daughter Abrielle who has had some wheezing and a little cough going on for a few days. Since I am leaving on a 10-day business trip Monday I had to make sure my little muffin would be okay. Last time this happened I was gone on business and she ended up in the hospital with mild Pneumonia. Did not want THAT to happen again. After a breathing treatment and an ear infection diagnosis, we went home with an antibiotic and an order to do breathing treatments every 4 hours until Friday. Good thing she doesn't mind the mask! No hospital this time, yay!

By the time the afternoon rolled around I was worn out but still had a ton to do so I pushed myself to get it all done, no excuses! (see how tired I look in the photo above? yeah, that sexiness was NOT compliments of Photoshop I tell ya!) I went to the store to get a few things and on the way home I called a friend whose call I had missed earlier. (My car is my office) When I asked her how she was doing she began to vent, and I instantly realized how nice it was to not be the type to join in on the "party" anymore and let others negative moods drag me down. I listened to her and then voiced my thoughts on everything. A conversation began about how she "doesn't have the time" to do things that she wants to do and as I spoke my words of wisdom she knew I was right as much as she knew how honest I would be with her when she called, which is why she called.

When she told me her job "sucked" this is what I said ...
"You know, you have SO many talents that you waste by not using them... things that make you happy, I have seen the smile that some of these things bring you when you get the chance to do them. You could start doing them as a hobby and perhaps later turn those hobbies into some extra money and who knows how it could blossom from there. No strings, no risk, and it could help you find a "happy place".

Her answer was... "I don't have the time."

My answer to that was...
"Listen, I have people ask me all of the time how I do all that I do, even YOU ask me that and my answer is always the same. I MAKE the time to do what makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. YOU of all people know that I can get stressed, which is why it is so important that I do things that make me happy all of the time. If I waited to have the time, I would NEVER have it, so I have to CREATE the time and when you do that you will find it without a problem."

I love this friend so much and want  peace and happiness for her more than she will ever know; it's something I want for a lot of people. I think that is why I do so much to enrich the lives of others. I REALLY WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD (Where's my cape?) There is more to her story and my advice to her, but I am going to save this little gem as the prototype for an idea that was born as I thought about things tonight. At first I thought "I will blog about this"... (I am sort of doing that right now) but then after getting home I said to myself..."I am onto something here, Advice From Shells... hmmmm a cyber world of advice where people can email me and I can offer advice to them and others who may be dealing with the same issue in a way that I haven't done before. I am kind of excited but have to figure out the details and get back to ya! Promise there will be an update on this! And for those of you who are shaking your head right now, NO! I am not adding to my plate I DO THIS ALREADY I am just thinking of a way to do it differently, more efficiently and more effectively. It happens, that's my brain love it or hate it...don't care either way.

Well, if there is a moral to this blog post, I would have to say there are two...

"Never say you don't have time.... that's just another way of saying you don't want  it bad enough"

"Being the voice of reason is like being a best friend to many people, you have no choice but to remove your own feelings in order to help them and enrich their life... it's selfless, educational and pretty darn awesome"

Hugs to all!
Thanks for reading!



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