Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's Just Gas...

"Your mind is the gas tank to accomplishing everything that you want in life; Make sure you fill it with premium quality fuel or you will likely break down before you get there." 
Shelley Giard

That quote popped into my head as I drank my morning cup of coffee and I thought to myself... "that is a great blog topic" SUCH a good thing because my mind is so scattered right now I am having a hard time focusing. I will be out of state for much of August on business and summers are not my thing, try working at home with 3 bored kids, need I say more? No... so THAT is why I am happy when my rat on a wheel brain saves the day.

In a world crazed over fiction novels that involve sparkling vampires & romantic interludes that make me want to barf, un-reality television, People Magazine, Facehookers , Twits and Instaspammers, I am definitely the minority when it comes to what I fill my mind with on a daily basis and it's probably how I stay in check with what's REALLY going on. TRUST me it's hard not to get sucked into the vortex when you are FORCED into being present on every social media network out there, I know, I am out there! I am just thankful that my parents raised me in a house with very little television and no video games because I learned to use my mind and explore into inventing ways to make money and reading books. 

I always enjoyed books with realistic stories as a child, ones that I knew could really happen and my Mom often purchased books that taught us lessons such as the Value Tale series that included books such as The Values of Truth and Trust based on the life of Cochise. This series told stories of other people like Hans Christian Anderson, Louis Pasteur, Alexander Graham Bell and many other positive role models. These books always taught me something; and they were my favorites growing up.  Oddly enough, I never really liked make believe and fairy tales very much, I never even enjoyed playing dress up. (What a weirdo kid I was) I like to think however, that being born with my genetics and having great role models for parents that I grew up okay. (All those days of selling lemonade, hot cocoa and toys on my front lawn paid off too!)

To heck with the spider... because along came the social media feeds and oh my, my! How many times do you think I want to hear what you are NOT happy about, how awesome your man is, what you ate for lunch or dinner or breakfast; picture included, (unless there is a recipe attached, because that is useful info) It really allows us to know a lot about a person and what kind of value they lend to others. The majority? Not much value at all and that is why I have my feed down to a science... so I can see what my mind needs and wants to see. It's like setting up my programming. Sure... I could rant about how often my kids like to push my buttons, how I really want to eat a cheeseburger with loaded fries but because I am gluten and dairy intolerant I can't and that sucks, I could talk about how awful it is to drive a car with no AC in Florida, how it rains too much in the summer and how I wish I had a maid but what VALUE would that really add to YOUR life? None... unless you like wallowing in other people's misery to make you feel more important and in that case, get help. Funny thing is talking about all of that would leave me focusing on the crap I don't like too... and that adds no value to my life either. If it makes me laugh, I read it, if it makes me smile, I read it, if it makes me think, or feel warm and fuzzy, I read it because...

What you think about your bring about

Laughter, smiles, sentiment and keeping your mind active 
are all good things to have in your life.

I still to this day only read non-fiction. I read everything from psychology books and magazines on human behaviors, to biographies, memoirs and books by Steven Covey, Gary R. Collins, Seth Godin, Wayne Dyer and many others that I have searched for and found that teach me how to improve my life and myself or that give me some sort of insight on how to overcome when life kicks you in the teeth (Not many of my female friends want me in their book club) but it's premium gas for my mind. It's the same with television... I would rather watch "How It's Made"  than to watch a reality show, but then I find myself wanting to know how they make those darn machines that make everything... (THAT is genius and would be way more impressive!) 

Hi, my name is Shelley and I am a nerd; but hey, I like it that way.

If your goal is to accomplish something that involves happiness and achievement

Keep your mind on what you want and the obstacles will disappear

You have something amazing so use it to it's fullest potential, I bet you will surprise yourself