Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Doing What's Right....

First of all I want to say that I am sorry for skipping out on  my weekend blog... I had SO much to do as I got ready for a ten day business trip and by the end of Friday my brain was fried... it was worse on Saturday and Sunday it was burnt toast. I am honestly exhausted now too. I have been in a plane all day minus one stop in Houston where I had an unexpected 2 hour delay (which I took FULL advantage of) However, now that I am in San Jose in my cozy room at my friend Shellie's house, I figured I would write this quick Monday blog to start your week off  regardless of the fact that I am on a 3-hour time difference and should TOTALLY be in bed right now. Something pretty great happened to me today and even though I shared the story on my Facebook page  <

As always, just another day in the life of Shells was not just an ordinary day...

Scene: I was at the Tampa airport this morning in a ridonkulous line at security... an over 60 lady traveling with her grandson looking disheveled is frantic on the verge of tears because she may miss her flight. She expresses her concern to a TSA associate and she gets a rude reply, "get in line." As she stands there with a blank look, physically upset, some people around her are rolling their eyes, some are staying quiet and some you can hear whispering that they feel bad for her. After about 20 minutes later, I get within ear reach of the TSA guy checking boarding passes and id's and ask if I can let her cut in line ahead of me and about 30 other people. He says "if you ask everyone and they say okay" So I yell out  "does anyone care if I let this lady cut in line so she doesn't miss her flight? Does anyone care?" Nobody speaks so I allow her through and people ahead of me follow my lead, she caught her flight. Several people applauded me and the TSA guy said that was the kindest thing he had ever seen. It honestly made my day. 

As I sat at my gate with plenty of time to kill, I reflected on what had just happened and wondered why nobody spoke up before me. I know I was not the only one who felt the way I was feeling. She looked at me with the saddest most confused eyes I think I had ever seen after I made eye contact with her and asked, "are you going to miss your flight?" Might I add that she was not close to me in line at all. I just had to do something and quite frankly, I don't know how nobody else didn't. Have we gotten so selfish, so caught up in our own pursuit of happiness and fulfillment that we have truly forgotten what it is like to do something nice, something selfless for someone else? Are we honestly so self righteous and judgemental that we have to turn our heads and cover our ears or simply be rude to people when they are in need? C'mon people, can't you see how messed up that is? What if YOU were the one in need?

As you continue your week I ask one favor of you... do something selfless for a complete stranger and watch how good it makes you feel. Get caught doing something good for someone else and you may just find that happiness inside that you keep trying to find by buying things and having a "someone" in your life. You find peace through others.... not with others. The pursuit of  true happiness ends with making who YOU are inside better.





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