Friday, July 5, 2013

Fighting for His Life.... A Mom, Her Son, & Their Purpose

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy July 4th, I had a great day with family and friends, but I must admit that a HUGE part of me was thinking of a family in California today. While we were celebrating our independence with food, fireworks, family and laughter, someone very near and dear to me is trying to save her son's life, and he spent the day in the hospital recovering from lung and throat surgery to remove tumors just two days ago. This is typically the worst news to get when you have RRP; a rare disease that can be fatal if it moves into the lungs and becomes cancerous. It was not a good week for them.

 As some of you already know, I accepted an invitation just a few months ago to be an Inspirational Speaker aka "Hope Ambassador" for Hopes Not A Crime Ministry in California after they featured my memoir on their radio show. The mother I am speaking of is Shellie Nichol, the founder of this purposeful and meaningful mission. She is very much like me; she is taking what has happened to her and what is STILL happening to her and using it to help others find hope... that somewhere over the rainbow that she knows is there for everyone, including her and her family. She is rapidly forming a Hope-Filled community with her strong passion to spread that HOPE IS NOT A CRIME while trying to keep some for herself and for the life of her awesome son Kody. What makes this story even more mind boggling, is that she is doing this while being a caring and loving mother to 5 other children who live at home with her and her hard working super-mom of a husband who supports her and cares for her in a way only people who know them can explain.

I have only known them a short time, about 6 months to be exact, and quite frankly will not get to meet them in person until next month, but I can say that after talking to both Shellie and her husband on numerous occasions and also talking to Kody; this family has the strength and love of an army. What they don't have... is the money to save Kody's life... the money to get him to Boston to a doctor who is the ONLY one who is giving them hope of Kody living past the age of 21. He was given 6 years to live shortly after his diagnosis at age 15, and he is entering year six.

As ALL of you know if you read my blog, I rarely ask for much outside of you just staying positive, keeping laughter as part of your life and always knowing that God is on your side even when you leave him on the sidelines. Tonight... however, I AM ASKING you for something. I am asking you from the VERY bottom of my heart to watch the video link below, and once you have watched it, do what you feel in YOUR heart, you will basically have 4 choices.

1. Donate to this fund that could truly save Kody's life
2. Share the link with as MANY people as you can
3. Both 2 & 3
4. Just ignore it all and go about your day/evening

I won't judge you if you pick #4, I know times are tough for a lot of you and people are always asking for money... but just remember the value of a $1 bill. I KNOW how valuable it can be when multiplied and THAT makes sharing this a no-brainer. Just because YOU won't or can't does not mean others you know won't... so at minimum PLEASE share this post with others.

I am a "Hope Ambassador" for Hopes Not a Crime... a person who helps YOU find hope, encouragement, laughter, happy tears, caring thoughts, passion, and purpose through my blogs every time I put my fingers to these keys. I hope you can find time to pay that forward after watching the video by helping my friend and her family keep HOPE in their hearts and two thumbs in the air.
(This is Shellie and Kody)

Thanks SO much for reading, and being a part of my life... one blog at a time


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