Friday, September 27, 2013

Just My Friday Blog...

So... I wasn't really sure where to go with this blog tonight because my mind is on a million things other than a topic for my weekend blog, however I try to stay dedicated and on task so here I sit. When this happens, I typically do what I am doing right this very minute... I sit down put my fingers on the keys and just type whatever comes out. (look-out, this could get strange) Popcorn... the smell of it is filling the room right now; I was aching for a snack and although corn is something I try and stay away from, popcorn is still one of my favorite snacks. (Yummm) Rain... we have a lot of it during the summers in Florida, too much of it actually;  I find it ironic that it's really only the "sunshine state" during seasons when we would not expect as much sunshine. Pumpkins... they are everywhere! When in the world did everyone become so obsessed with anything pumpkin? Pumpkin latte's, pumpkin muffins, creamer, milkshakes, soap, lotion, facials, pedicures and the list goes on and on. I am seriously waiting for the day that they come out with a scratch n sniff pumpkin car to add to the craze. (Are people that gimmick happy?) I am just upset because if I carve one in Florida and sit it outside at night it will rot before Halloween because it's so hot outside. Halloween... it creeps me out and quite frankly is not the same without hay rides, bobbing for apples and sipping hot apple cider on a cool night. (Welcome to Florida) Christmas, they already have decorations out and it's not even October. Obamacare... I am tired of people that have no clue what it is or how it will affect them complaining about it. I wonder what they will say if once it goes into effect it actually benefits them or someone they know.Writing... something I love and it's looks like I will be doing a lot of it over the next year, because in addition to the book I am currently writing I just got hired by 2 celebrities to ghost write, so add that to my 2014 schedule. (How cool!) Ghostwriting... the hardest part is not being able to tell who you are writing for, especially when it's someone REALLY cool! Sleep... I feel like I need some although I have gotten more this week than I ever do. Makeup... my passion, transforming, life-changing, inspiring, beautiful, uplifting, motivating, creative, amazing and why I am spending my weekend in Orlando. Children... something I am very grateful to have, even on the days they drive me crazy; life would be so boring without them. Love... something that many seek but have no clue what to do with it once they have it. Ending... something that always has to happen, something we anticipate, something that we sometimes look forward to yet other times we dread. Happy... a choice.

Welcome to my A.D.D. mind!
Have an amazing weekend whatever you end up doing.


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