Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Very Special Blog... PLEASE SHARE

I have never included the words "PLEASE SHARE" in my blog title, although my hopes are that you will share each and every post with someone that you know who would benefit from it. I write to touch the lives of others in a memorable way. I know how important that is... that good advice, those words of wisdom, that moment that sits in your gut, stays on your mind, but later sinks in, warms your heart, and changes you. That is why I am here writing right now... on Tuesday instead of Monday. Today is a very special beginning; it's the beginning to a month that not only changed me for the better, it helped me find my purpose in life.

Today is the first day of 
Down syndrome Awareness Month 
and in honor of my sweet little daughter Abrielle aka "Brie" who will be 4 this month, I bring to you this blog.

Life is always a journey... no matter who you are, but when you are lucky enough to be blessed with a special person such as my daughter Brie, your journey changes for the better. There are things as a mom I see now that I never saw before; even after already having 3 other children. The patience I have gained has been tremendous and the coldness that once settled into my heart from the people who had hurt me in my past has melted away taking that bitter unforgiving elephant off of my shoulders. It feels good; my heart truly changed when Abrielle arrived. I no longer take anything for granted, I respect everyone I meet, say hello to strangers; even the strange ones, and speak up for what's right when I feel the urge, not worrying about what others may think because of it. I don't care about meaningless material things but appreciate the little things that matter most, I look at everything that comes my way as an opportunity to open another door; it normally does. I have learned to celebrate the small victories as much, if not more than the big ones. I have been taught that everyone has a circumstance and we don't always know what that circumstance is and that kindness is a must regardless of what situations appear to be. I have become more sensitive to the feelings of others even though I was too sensitive already. I am content and wake up every day knowing that each and every moment has a purpose in my life.

I will warn you, when I am passionate about something I am a bit obsessive about it but in a VERY positive and healthy way. Quite frankly it helps me stay true to myself and often helps change the way others think which in turn helps change the world. (bold statements are my forté) With that being said... I will be sharing very special posts every day this month on my author page on Facebook  in honor of my daughter. They are very close to my heart... just like she is. What I ask is that you help me raise awareness by sharing this blog post to help me reach as many lives as possible. You can even "like" my page if you enjoy what you see, my posts are always uplifting. I also promise I don't over-update and chew up your feed (that's annoying).

By sharing this post, you may help save a life. There may be a person right now trying to make that fatal decision and if you share this they may stumble upon it and change their mind. PLEASE help me spread the smiles I am warmed by every single day. PLEASE help me bring the rate of termination down through awareness... you would do it for a puppy or a kitten about to be euthanized right?

(Excerpt taken from DiscoverMagazine.com)

…Termination rates varied across conditions. They were highest following a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome (92 per cent; CI: 91 per cent to 93 per cent) 

I still remember when those papers were pushed across the desk at me after confirming my baby's diagnosis. It's as if it were being suggested that is what I should do after finding out through a mandatory screening and a recommended amniocentesis that she had Trisomy 21/ aka Down syndrome. I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time and had seen Abrielle on an ultrasound sucking her thumb. Was I supposed to do this because she wasn't perfect? Was I supposed to do this because raising her would be so hard? Or was it so that she wouldn't be a burden on society and it's tax dollars one day? I had a choice but for me... there was no option. Just like every other hill I had to climb in life, I was going to climb this one too. I was not going to be of that 92% .... who IS perfect? What child is EASY to raise? I chose the low road and because of that, I won the biggest blessings of my life. My life has not only turned around,  but I have complete clarity and peace for the first time ever.

Tonight's blog is to get you to think... not about abortion, and not ONLY about Down syndrome. It is to help you think about how you approach the unexpected, how you handle the roadblocks and the hills you come to? Do you bail out, turn around, give up, follow what everyone else does? If you said "no"... then keep pushing and don't stop, your reward is waiting. If you answered  "yes", I am here to put it to you bluntly; YOU WON'T WIN. I encourage you to change... right now; embrace your roadblocks, attack those hills with Z-FORCE and NEVER EVER GIVE UP; for the obstacles in life will lead you to your dreams!


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