Friday, March 21, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day... March 21, 2014


Every year as this date approaches, I reminisce over the years and think of all the things my little munchkin Abrielle has accomplished, not only in the past year, but in the years of her lifetime... despite the things that most people would consider obstacles. Although she is not yet jumping over sidewalk cracks, she sure CAN run fast; and has more carefree playing than many kids I witness. Although she is not talking as well as other 4 year old children do, she IS speaking purposeful words, and understands everything I ask of her; in her world at 4 years old, that is considered a small miracle. As I have watched her grow, I can tell you that the time she takes to learn and process things is minuscule compared to the hurdles she has jumped along the way and something deep down tells me that time she takes is what allows her to be so joyful all of the time; I have learned from her...

Smiles rarely leave her face and NOTHING is really a big deal. Her time is like "Jamaica time, mon" and who doesn't enjoy that concept? Many years ago I had urgency about everything I did; I think MANY of us do; it's the world we live in. A world of instant gratification, instant credit, guaranteed whatever's we want everything now. Society has no patience for the concept "your time will come" or "take time to grow" we run around in a hurry and miss out on the beauty of our journey; I have learned from her...

She loves without conditions, she hugs for no reason and truly cares when you are hurting. She is the first one to come running when her older brother is crying, even when it's a tantrum just to give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She meets no strangers, as she offers love to everyone around her no matter the social class, color of skin or physical appearance; to her we are all the same; I have learned from her...

This little girl although the last of my four kids, came just in time, just when I needed smiles in my life, just when I needed a true direction and just when I needed to learn to appreciate the purposeful journey. I started my book when she was 9 months old and I know that if she had not arrived, I never would have taken the time to write it... I was too much in a hurry to be what I thought I was supposed to be; I had it all wrong; I learned from her...


We all need to slow down, we all need to take time to enjoy what surrounds us, we need to breathe in the journey and know that if we stop rushing everything and trying to have it OUR way.... GOD will show us HIS way. I promise that way is better, I am living proof; His gift of HER taught me that.

As I embark on the first leg of my speaking tour coming up in April , I wish I could bring her with me... for she has taught me so much and without her I am not sure I would be where I am right now. So today... on this 21st day of March... I celebrate the greatest gift in my life. Having three copies of chromosome #21 is what makes her so unique, and although she will not be able to wear the shirt I made her to school tomorrow because she is down for the count with pollen allergies, My baby girl WILL be celebrated just as all of these special human being should be each and every day. I encourage you to share this post and help me celebrate life.... in an extra chromosome kinda way!






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