Saturday, July 19, 2014

Let Change, Passion and Purpose Redefine Your Life

I have had an incredible two days! There is something special... TRULY special about being surrounded by a room filled with motivated, hopeful, driven, passionate people who have a common goal of helping and serving others; who have a solid mission to build people up and develop them into the best they can be. Unless you have experienced this for yourself, it is quite difficult to explain the euphoria that happens, the tornado of change and self improvement that engulfs the room. I am going to attempt through words, to paint a picture of what this is like for you because I think that EVERYONE needs to know how this feels, that everyone needs this in a world that focuses everything on the negative. My hope is that through it, you can catch a glimmer of hope, hope for a second chance, a new beginning, a change in your reality that only YOU can manifest and create.

As you read, I want you to open your mind wide and allow yourself to imagine what I am describing, absorb it, allow it to surround you like a warm, fuzzy blanket if only for a moment, I want you to feel safe and protected and know that everything is going to be okay no matter what you are facing in life right now. Okay, so here it goes....

Imagine yourself walking into a room filled with people in an environment that you have never been in before, some of  the people you know but most whose path you have never crossed. You are scared, a bit intimidated even, but you are there anyway. As you walk by each row of chairs and make eye contact with others, people smile at you and say hello, several shake your hand or give you a high five just for showing up. As each person smiles you begin to "feel" the energy in the room and begin to think that although you are not quite sure what you have walked into.... it feels pretty god and is certainly a far cry from what you are used to 90% of the time. You take your seat and prepare for the day... a day that you have been told will be filled with motivating, inspirational leaders telling YOU how to WIN for you and your family in this crazy game of life.

You quickly notice that this is different than any social event you have ever attended and realize that the people speaking are not people that are hired to speak and "fluff" something up for you, they are TRUE leaders, true educators, comrades that have DONE what they are asking you to do, they have put in the time, gone through the hardships, made the mistakes and tell you everything you DON'T want to hear so that you can truly grow into the best you. It gets a little uncomfortable at times when you feel like they are talking directly to you, in fact you get a bit squirmy and have a feeling of nausea in your gut, but for some crazy reason you know that it is a good thing to feel this way.

As the day goes on, it is time for recognition... your name gets called out and as you stand and walk to the front the entire room stands to cheer for you, hands blanket the isle as you walk the path to the front. You are surprised that you are being celebrated by people you know, but by complete strangers? You get to the front and are given the chance to talk about why you are here, why you are being awarded and are asked to share what you do to achieve these goals and what advice you can offer for those who want to accomplish what you have. YOU... someone who when you walked into this room felt intimidated and scared are being called courageous. You give your 2 minute speech and return to your seat....

How do you feel right now? Read it again if you feel nothing and OPEN YOUR MIND so that you can feel the moments that I have described. Are you recognized and celebrated for all your hard work and then some? Would you like to be? Have you ever been given the chance to tell your story? Would you like a chance to talk about your struggles and how you pushed on? Well... I can introduce you to an environment that will give all of this to you... it's all of that and more. It is an environment that will build you, make you strong and ultimately make you free of all worry if you make the choice to accept the challenge. I know... it sounds nuts, and that is because it is so far from what most of you live every single day. I will tell you this... feeling great and being called nuts feels way better than being stressed, wouldn't you agree?

If you stay where you are... if you keep doing what you have been doing, will it lead you to the life that you want? Will you be able to do all that you hope to do for your children, for your spouse, your mom, dad? If not... then I encourage you to make a change. Sure, it is uncomfortable... but so is childbirth yet it yields the most amazing miracle known to humanity. You MUST get uncomfortable to experience greatness, to become all that our Creator wants us to be. So suck it up and be uncomfortable will ya?

Take the challenge, let change, passion and purpose ring in your life, your heart and in your mind. You become who you hang around, so ask yourself... who are you surrounded by? To quote one of the leaders who spoke today....

"The mind is a parachute... it only works when it is open.  Assad Faraj

Success is not going to find you, it is not going to attack you... you will NEVER read in the paper or hear on CNN that success just tackled someone to the ground and beat them up. So why not Ddesign, architect and fall in love with your goals and dreams and pursue that dream life." Ed Ortiz

If you want to succeed, you have to open your mind to new things, new concepts and change what is not working. Simple as that. Now... what are you going to do to change your situation? If you want to know where to start email me. I will be happy to help you with your journey to a better life... it's what I do. I am in the business of developing people into all that they can be and it won't cost you a single penny.





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